How to Draw a Policeman for Kids

Learn how to draw a policeman for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners, schoolers, and kindergarteners.

Police Officer Drawing Step by Step
How to Draw a Policeman Step by Step

Hello! And welcome to the drawing lesson in which you will learn how to draw a policeman for kids! Police officers are people who are actively involved in protecting citizens from any troubles. Their work is very dangerous and responsible, and they wear special uniforms that contain protection and special equipment. In each unit and region, the form is often different, because they perform different kinds of tasks. Some units are involved in establishing order on the roads and in cities, while others are involved in catching criminals. But the main task of all police units is to establish and maintain order on the streets of the city.

Let’s draw a cartoon policeman, because it’s not so difficult: for this you need to complete 11 stages. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Policeman for Kids

  1. Head shape.

    Begin by drawing a cartoonish round shape for the character’s head.Police Officer Drawing for Kids

  2. Draw a police hat.

    To do this, draw a rectangle above your head, and then draw a round badge on it. Also, draw the visor of the hat in the form of a semicircle.Police Hat Drawing

  3. Draw parts of the face.

    Add two eyes at the same level in the form of circles, inside which are small circles for the pupils. Draw eyebrows above the eyes, and draw a nose in the center of the face as shown.Police Officer step by step drawing

  4. Add details.

    Draw the rounded ears of the policeman and also draw a smile.Police officer head drawing

  5. Draw the body.

    Draw the shape of the body in the same way as shown in the example. In the next steps, we will show you how to detail the character’s body.Police Officer Drawing Tutorial

  6. Add details.

    Draw shoulder straps on the policeman’s shoulders, and add round buttons on the torso.How to Draw a Police Person

  7. Draw the arms.

    Now you need to draw the hands of the policeman. One hand is drawn using curved lines and the other is drawn along the body.How to Draw a Police Officer Step by Step Easy

  8. Draw a belt.

    Now draw the police uniform’s belt.How to Draw a Police Officer

  9. Draw the legs.

    Draw the legs of the policeman by dividing the figure of the character using a straight line as in the example.How to Draw a Simple Policeman

  10. Draw the shoes.

    The shoes need to be drawn in a simple style as in the example.How to Draw a Policeman Easy

  11. Color the drawing.

    How to Draw a Policeman

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