How to Draw a Police Car

Learn how to draw a police car for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners, schoolers, and preschoolers.

How to Draw Step by Step Police Car
How to Draw a Police Car Step by Step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a police car. A police car is the main transport of the police. This car has many important features that others do not have. Thanks to the light and sound signal, the police car may notify other road users about their presence on the road.

The police car has a rather typical appearance, which allows you to quickly distinguish it from another transport. The drawing lesson of this car has no difficult elements, so it will be easy to draw this vehicle for beginners.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on which you should navigate in the process of drawing a police car.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Police Car

  1. Draw the top of the car.

    Start drawing from the top of the car.How to Sketch a Police Car

  2. Car body.

    Now drew the car body as shown.Step by Step Police Car Drawing

  3. Add a light bar and a car bumper.

    On the roof of the car draw a police light bar. In addition, draw the car bumper in a long oval.Police Car Drawing for Kids

  4. Side mirrors and wheels.

    On the sides, draw small ovals for the shapes of the side mirrors. The bottom depicts small wheels as shown in the example.Police Car Drawing

  5. Lines on the car.

    On the car sketches the lines that share the colors of the police car into two parts.How to Draw a Police Car Easy

  6. Draw headlights.

    Draw two symmetrically located circle from two sides of the car.How to Draw a Police Car for Beginners

  7. Color the police car.

    What color cars in the place in which you live? Color your drawing of a police car in typical colors of a police car like in your city, or just color the car in colors as in the example.How to Draw a Police Car

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