How to Draw a Police Officer Easy

Learn how to draw a police officer easy enough for beginners, start a draw with this tutorial. 

How to Draw a Police Officer Easy
How to Draw a Police Officer Step by Step

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a police officer easy enough for beginners and anyone else who wishes to sketch a police officer in uniform. The police is a civil servant responsible for maintaining public order and protecting people’s lives, health, property, and protecting the urban environment from criminals.

Police officers are also the main guardians in most countries of the world. Large-scale events rarely take place without police involvement, as the risks are higher in such places. And on ordinary days, the police also patrol the streets of cities or highways outside the city. Police officers should be an example for schoolchildren and children and demonstrate rules of conduct and laws. Now get started drawing and we hope this step-by-step guide will help you. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Police Officer Easy

  1. Top of the hat.

    Begin by drawing the top of the police hat.Policeman hat sketch

  2. Hat bottom.

    Now draw the bottom of the hat using curved lines.How to Draw a Policeman hat

  3. Hat visor.

    Add a visor to the hat drawing.Policeman hat Drawing

  4. Add the badge.

    Draw a typical badge in the center of the police hat.Police Officer hat drawing

  5. Shape the face.

    Shape the person’s face. And also add guidelines on the face to help you sketch out the parts of the face.Policeman drawing guidelines

  6. Draw the eyes.

    Draw simple cartoon eyes using a horizontal guideline.How to Draw a Police Person Face

  7. Add the nose.

    Now draw the nose exactly in the center of the face.How to Draw a Police Officer Head

  8. Draw the smile.

    Draw the big smile of the policeman, which is very easy to sketch.PoliceMan face Drawing Step by Step

  9. Draw the ears.

    Detail the sides of the cop’s head by sketching out the ears and hair.Police Officer Head Drawing Tutorial

  10. Neck and shoulders.

    Using parallel lines, draw the neck first, and then draw the shoulders of the policeman.Police Man Drawing Tutorial

  11. Draw the collar.

    Draw the collar of the police uniform.How to Draw an Easy Police Officer

  12. Draw the arms.

    Draw the arms of a police officer in a crossed pose.How to Draw a Cartoon Police Officer

  13. Add details for the uniform.

    Draw a badge on the policeman’s chest, and also draw a pocket on the left. In the center, draw a straight vertical line for the shirt and add the buttons.How to Draw a Police Person

  14. The bottom of the shirt.

    Draw the bottom of the shirt and details.Policeman How to Draw Easy

  15. Add the belt.

    Depict the policeman’s belt under the shirt.How to Draw a Policeman Uniform

  16. Draw the legs.

    Sketch the legs of the policeman by shaping his pants using wavy lines.Police Officer Uniform Drawing Tutorial

  17. Pants details.

    Draw loops on the belt.Police Officer Drawing Step by Step

  18. Draw the shoes.

    Draw the boots of the patrol police officer.How to Draw a Policeman

  19. Trace your sketch.

    Finally, before the police officer art coloring process, trace the contours of your policeman sketch with an ink pen or black marker. If there are no such supplies nearby, then do it with a small brush and black paint.How to Draw the Police

  20. Color the artwork.

    The sketching process is almost complete, you just have to color your artwork and the police officer illustration will be complete!
    How to Draw a Police Officer


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