How to Draw a Pokémon

Learn how to draw a Pokémon with this simply step-by-step drawing tutorial for everyone. Even someone who holds a pencil for drawing for the first time can sketch such a Pokémon.

How to Draw a Pokemon Easy Way
How to Draw a Pokemon Step by Step

Hi all! Today, we will tell you how to draw a Pokémon step by step. At the moment, there are an impressive number of varieties of these funny creatures. We have to draw one of the original Pokémon as an example, this is the pocket monster Squirtle. The game universe of Pokémon appeared in 1996 in Japan. Since then, the characters have begun to gain popularity among children and adults around the world.

Squirtle very much resembles a turtle, but blue and with additional elements on the body. It has a round brown shell with a yellow belly. There are hexagonal patterns on the shell. He belongs to the water pocket monsters and has the corresponding water abilities. Although it is a water Pokémon, it also feels great on land, away from the seas and oceans.

Drawing a cute Squirtle is an easy and fun activity that will cheer you up and your friends. Let’s start!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Pokemon

  1. Draw the head.

    Start by drawing the shape of Squirtle’s head.сPokemon Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add the body.

    Under the Pokémon’s head, draw an oval-shaped Squirtle’s torso.How to Draw a Simple Pokemon

  3. Arms and shell.

    Draw the turtle shell on the back of the Squirtle as shown in the example. You also need to draw the shapes of the character’s arms.Pokemon Drawing Guide

  4. Add legs.

    Under the Squirtle’s body, sketch the legs, along with the claws at the very bottom of the legs.How to Draw a Pokemon for Beginners

  5. Add details.

    In this step, you need to add details to the Squirtle’s shell and also draw part of the tail. After that, detail the Pokémon’s hands by drawing the character’s pointy fingers.Pokemon Artwork

  6. Texture the drawing.

    Following the example from the step, detail the abdomen and back of the Squirtle’s shell. Also depict the bottom of the Pokémon’s tail using a curved line as shown.Drawing Pokemon for Beginners

  7. Draw the eyes.

    On the face of the Pokémon draw large eye shapes, also detail the shell on the abdomen by adding two intersecting straight lines as in the example.How to Sketch a Pokemon

  8. Face details.

    Above Squirtle’s eyes, add the eyebrows with two straight, short lines. Also draw light reflections in the eyes. You need to add this at the top of the eyes, as in the example.Pokemon Drawing Easy

  9. Parts of the face.

    To finish sketching out the Pokémon, you need to draw the curved mouth of the character, as well as draw the pupils in the eyes.Easy Drawing Pokemon

  10. Color the Squirtle.

    Color the Squirtle’s skin blue as shown, and color the shell brown.
    How to Draw a Pokemon

We also invite you to draw the most popular Pokémon character—Pikachu! Practice drawing different characters and animals with our step-by-step guides.

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