How to Draw a Pickup Truck

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a pickup truck in the step by step sketching tutorial. Our drawing guides are suitable for beginners.

pickup truck drawing tutorial simple
how to draw a pickup truck step by step

We are glad to see you on! In this guide, we will show you how to draw a pickup truck in a simple step by step tutorial. Pickup trucks are very popular in the United States because they are a very large and comfortable vehicle with many useful features. But with globalization, trucks have become popular outside of North America. The main advantage of trucks is their huge roomy trunk, in which you can carry anything from a motorcycle to a Christmas tree.

At the time of its appearance, pickup trucks were mainly used by farmers, businessmen, and in general by those who were engaged in some kind of transportation of cargo for their business. For this drawing lesson, we took the Chevy Colorado 1 model, which has been and is very popular. This is a mid-size pickup truck, which in our instructions is a four-door, like the Chevy Colorado model, which has an elongated car cab.

Art tools for this sketching:

  • pencil;
  • black marker;
  • colored pencils, color markers, or felt-tip pens.;
  • drawing paper;

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Pickup Truck

  1. Draw a basic shape.

    You need to draw the basic look of the car, drawing in proportion to the Chevy body.Pickup truck drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the Chevy windows.

    Now draw the windshield and both side windows of the pickup truck car.chevrolet colorado drawing

  3. Outlines of doors and wheels.

    Draw the lines of the doors under the sketched windows, dividing the body into parts. Then draw circular lines for the wheels of your Chevy Colorado sketch.pickup wheels drawing

  4. Front part details.

    Now you need to draw the front bumper of your pickup truck, headlights, radiator grille, and rearview mirrors. You can take your time and sketch everything neatly.pickup truck easy drawing for beginners

  5. Sketch the lines of the body.

    To make the drawing realistic and three-dimensional, you need to follow the example from this step to sketch the lines of the body, which will make the wheel arches voluminous.sketching tutorial truck chevy

  6. Sketch the small details.

    DepictDraw the rims of the pickup truck. the lamps in the Chevy headlights, and then add the wheels and the shape for sketching the to draw a chevy pickup

  7. Draw the rims of the pickup truck.

    In the small circles drawn in the last step, sketch the rims of your pickup truck sketch. You’re almost done!chevy pickup drawing tutorial easy

  8. Shadows.

    Sketch the shadows on your Chevy Colorado sketch. If you want to color your drawing, then use coloring supplies and add colors to your to draw a chevrolet pickup

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