How to Draw a Mammoth for Kids

In this drawing lesson you will see how to draw a mammoth step by step for kids. Learn to draw with us and create wonderful artworks.

How to Draw a Mammoth Easy for Kids
How to Draw a Woolly Mammoth Step by Step

In this elementary drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a mammoth for kids. The mammoth is an extinct genus of mammals that belong to the elephant family. This prehistoric large elephant had long fur and large curled tusks. Mammoths were larger and heavier than living elephants from any continent.

For this guide, we have created a typical simple mammoth look that will be easy to draw for both beginners and schoolchildren, and kindergarteners. Below is a step-by-step instruction that will help you avoid confusion and draw a mammoth quickly and beautifully. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Mammoth for Kids

  1. Wool on the head.

    Begin by drawing the wool of the mammoth’s head.Mammoth Woolly Drawing

  2. Draw the trunk.

    Draw two parallel lines from the upper wool of the mammoth, which gradually taper to form the tip of the trunk.Mammoth Sketch for Kids

  3. Details of the face.

    Draw two black circles for the mammoth’s eyes, and using the lines to draw the texture of the trunk as shown.How to Draw a Mammoth Trunk

  4. Add the ears.

    Draw two mammoth ears on both sides of the head as shown in the example.How to Draw a Mammoth Face

  5. Draw the tusks.

    Using curved lines, draw the pointed tusks of the mammoth.How to Draw a Mammoth Head

  6. Shape the body.

    Draw the mammoth’s body, which looks rounded, and shape the texture of the mammoth’s wool on the bottom.How to Draw a Mammoth for Kids

  7. Body details.

    On the entire body of the mammoth, draw many small lines that form the texture of the mammoth’s wool. Draw a small tail at the back as to draw a mammoth easy

  8. Add two hind legs.

    Now sketch out the hind legs of the mammoth easy way as shown in the to draw a woolly mammoth easy

  9. Add the front legs.

    Sketch the two front legs in the same to draw woolly mammoth

  10. Color the woolly mammoth.

    Before coloring the mammoth, you can trace the outlines of your pencil sketch using a black marker or ink. This process will prepare the drawing for coloring and simplify the to draw a woolly mammoth

In conclusion, drawing, it can be noted that drawing a mammoth is not only an interesting activity, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of our planet. Mammoths were some of the most impressive animals that ever lived on Earth, and studying their anatomy and appearance can help us better understand what they looked like and how they lived.

In addition, drawing a mammoth is a great way to develop your artistic skills such as perspective, shadows and chiaroscuro, as well as patience and perseverance. Therefore, if you have not tried to draw a mammoth yet, we recommend that you try it—it can be an exciting and rewarding activity for you!

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