How to Draw a Laptop for Kids

In this drawing lesson for kids, you will learn how to draw a laptop step by step and easily. Try to do it with us, because our lessons are easy and understandable!

How to Draw a Laptop for Kids
How to Draw a Laptop Step by Step

Hello and welcome to the step-by-step drawing tutorial, in which you will learn how to draw a laptop for kids. A laptop in our time is considered an integral part of any person’s life. In this technical device, you can store a lot of information, study and work, communicate and learn something new. A laptop is significantly different in size from a computer and can be carried with you. Unlike a desktop computer, a laptop is very convenient to take with you wherever you go, for example, to school, to a university campus, on a trip, and so on. All in all, this is a great device that combines the best qualities of a tablet and a desktop computer.

The laptop has quite clear and well-defined features. All of these traits are shown in our very simple guide. Drawing a laptop will not be difficult at all. Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Laptop for Kids

  1. Draw the rectangle shape.

    Draw the borders of the laptop lid. To begin with, draw a large rectangle that has clear and sharp ends on each side.Laptop Screen Drawing

  2. Draw the screen.

    Inside the large rectangle, draw a rectangle of the same shape, but comparatively smaller. Also, between the two lines at the top, draw a small dot for the webcam image.How to Sketch a Laptop

  3. Draw the bottom of the laptop.

    Draw the same large rectangle, but tilted slightly to the side.Laptop Sketch

  4. Sketch the volume of the shape.

    At the lid and at the part of the keyboard, draw small, thin lines that will visually be the back of these parts of the laptop. Also, draw an oblong rectangle for the keyboard. Give your drawing three-dimensional shapes!How to Draw a Laptop Computer

  5. Sketch of the keyboard and touchpad.

    Within the drawn rectangle, draw many small squares to sketch the keys on the keyboard. At the bottom, draw a small, long rectangle for the touchpad.How to Draw a Laptop Screen

  6. Color your laptop.

    Color the computer itself gray, and make the keys darker. Draw the screen in blue. But you don’t have to paint your sketch of a laptop in these colors, because laptops come in completely different colors. And on the screen, you can draw anything, for example, a giraffe.How to Draw a Laptop

As a result, you have learned how to draw a cartoon laptop! Try to draw many more using our drawing lessons!

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