How to Draw a Giraffe for Kids

Learn how to draw a giraffe for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolers and preschoolers.

How to Draw a Giraffe for Kids
How to Draw a Giraffe Step by Step

Hello friends! Our art team has prepared a simple tutorial on how to draw a giraffe for kids. We tried to make a very simple and understandable giraffe drawing tutorial so that a young artist could easily embody a drawing of a giraffe on paper. After all, it is from an early age that children lay in themselves the knowledge that will be reflected in adulthood. It is creativity that is one of the main tools that allows you to solve problems without much effort, using creative thinking.

Before proceeding to the lesson step-by-step drawing of a giraffe, let’s talk a little about it. The giraffe is an artiodactyl mammal and is the tallest land animal on the planet. Imagine, the growth of an adult giraffe can reach 6 meters, and the weight is 1000 kg. And the giraffe’s tongue can stick out almost half a meter, which makes it easy to grab branches. These beauties live in the savannas of Africa.

Interesting animal, isn’t it? Then let’s get down to an equally interesting lesson in drawing a giraffe. To do this, prepare pencils, erasers, and pencils.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Giraffe for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Depict the giraffe’s head in the form of a slightly inclined oval.
    Draw a giraffe

  2. Depict the neck and body of the giraffe.

    Note the long and thin neck. Illustrate the body in the form of a horizontally elongated oval.
    Simple Drawing a giraffe

  3. Draw the ears and tail of the giraffe.

    Draw the ears with small ovals, the tail with a triangle looking down, and sketching a drop to the tail. Also, depict a line on the giraffe’s face as in our picture.
    Drawing a Cartoon Giraffe

  4. Draw facial expressions and paws.

    Draw the eyes, nostrils, and mouth of the giraffe. Also, depict the legs of the giraffe in the shape of a rectangular shape. Depict horizontal lines at the bottom of the legs to represent the hooves.
    Giraffe Easy Drawing Tutorial

  5. Draw the ossicones of the giraffe.

    They are located directly on the giraffe’s head. Vertical rectangles and small trace on top.
    Also depict spots on the body of the giraffe, tracing sketch with ink or black marker.
    Drawing a Giraffe for Kids

  6. Color in the sketch of the giraffe.

    Use your favorite coloring supplies and color the cute giraffe.How-to-Draw-a-Giraffe-for-Kids

Check out other instructions from team. We have a large number of animal drawing lessons that might interest you. Thank you for being with us, we are happy to help you learn to draw and develop your skills! See you soon, dear friends!

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