How to Draw a Knight for Kids

Learn how to draw a knight for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners, schoolers, and kindergarteners.

How to Draw a Medieval Knight
How to Draw a Knight Step by Step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a knight for kids in a cartoon simple style. Knights are one of the most popular characters in the Middle Ages. We learn about knights from childhood from history books, from films, from cartoons, from fairy tales, and so on. The medieval society of knights had its own traditions, according to which many people obeyed the knights. It is not easy to wield knights’ weapons, do knights underwent training in martial arts skills before starting to practice. It was an honor to carry a weapon, and it was necessary to achieve this and be a worthy person. People were not born immediately as knights but became them. Usually, kings ordained brave and worthy people to chivalry. Young nobles before chivalry were trained by their father, or from other people from the nobility who raised young people before chivalry.

They learned to wield weapons, ride horses, and so on. Also, these young guys served as squires for experienced people. The squires helped the master dress and undress, served food, and performed many other tasks that the master needed. After such training, these young guys became stronger, they began to be respected and honored in the noble environment. During training and serving as a squire, young guys were not allowed to carry weapons. Over time, when the young squire finished his teachings, and if he was wealthy enough to be a knight, he was knighted through a rite of passage. These were some quick interesting facts about medieval knights, and now let’s move on to the process of sketching a cartoon knight. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Knight for Kids

  1. Sketch of the shield shape.

    Begin by drawing a triangular knight shield, which you can draw as in the example from step.How to Sketch Shield

  2. Add details.

    Now draw the details of the shield that divide the knight’s coat of arms into four parts.Knight Shield Drawing

  3. Draw the shape of the knight.

    Start drawing the body of the knight with the shape you need to draw as shown.Knight Armor Drawing

  4. Parts of the face.

    Now draw two lines that separate the knight’s armor from the knight’s face. After that, draw circles for the eyes and draw the knight’s mouth using a curved line.How to Draw a Knight Armor Easy

  5. Draw a helmet.

    Draw details on the knight’s helmet and draw the plume on the helmet’s comb.How to Draw a Knight Armor

  6. Bottom part.

    Now draw the knight’s belt as shown and also draw the knight’s legs.Knight Drawing for Kids

  7. Details.

    Draw the knight’s shoes using two lines. After that draw the knight’s hand in a simple style.How to Draw a Simple Knight

  8. Arm details.

    Connect the hand and body of the knight using two lines. After that, draw a detail of the sword that protects the knight’s hand from blows.How to Draw an Easy Knight

  9. Draw a sword.

    Now draw the knight’s sword as shown.How to Draw a Knight for Kids

  10. Color the knight.

    Now color the knight with your favorite coloring supplies. Before coloring, we recommend that you trace the contours of the sketch using a marker or ink pen.How to Draw a Knight Easy

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