How to Draw a Crown for Kids

Looking for an idea for a crown drawing? Here you will learn how to draw a crown easily and simply, even for kids. We hope you draw a great drawing!

How to Draw a Crown for Kids
How to Draw a Crown Step by Step

Hello everyone and welcome to the drawing lesson on how to draw a crown for kids. The crown is of particular importance: usually, this attribute of power was made of gold or silver, and precious and semiprecious stones served as adornments. How to draw a crown? Find out the answer to this question in the step-by-step instructions below!

The variety of crowns in the world is simply amazing! Sometimes they were decorated with rare stones in nature—for example, ruby ​​spinel. The title of the owner determined what kind of crown he should wear: it could be imperial, count, and other headdresses. Drawing a crown is a fun activity during which you can develop your skills in drawing rounded shapes and curved lines. Let’s start!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Crown for Kids

  1. Draw the bottom.

    In its shape, the bottom of the crown resembles a seed. Draw two curved lines and connect them together.
    How to Draw a Simple Crown

  2. Draw the bezel.

    The crown bezel is a wideband. Draw 2 parallel, slightly curved lines.
    How to Draw a Princess Crown

  3. Draw the top.

    The upper part of the crown consists of five zigzag teeth. Start drawing a line on the left side of the rim and finish on the right side. See Example instructions.
    How to Draw a King Crown

  4. Details.

    To make the crowns look more luxurious, add small circles at the top of each tooth.
    How to Draw a Queen Crown

  5. Color the drawing.

    Color your crown drawing using golden yellow colors.
    How to Draw a Crown

We hope you have a great looking crown drawing! Try also to draw the owner of the crown—the king!

Drawing is a very exciting but difficult process. With our drawing lessons, you will learn how to draw the easiest and most basic elements, but then you can take a step forward and become better at this art!

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