How to Draw a Jack O’lantern for Kids

Learn how to draw a Jack O’lantern for kids with our step-by-step drawing tutorial for beginners. You will be able to draw this even if you are holding drawing tools for the first time.

How to Draw Pumpkin Faces
How to Draw a Jack o lantern step by step

Welcome to a wonderful drawing lesson on how to draw a Jack o’lantern for kids! This step-by-step tutorial will help you draw the most famous Halloween symbols—the scary pumpkin face and bat. The pumpkin, glowing thanks to the light inside, is a kind of lantern for its owner. After the discovery of America, settlers began to arrive at the continent. These people followed the tradition of celebrating the end of the harvest and therefore brought this tradition with them. Instead of turnips, they started using pumpkin as a lantern. The pumpkin has become a distinctive symbol of the celebration. How to draw Halloween symbols? Follow the instructions below—and then everything will turn out beautifully!

The trend of dressing up in carnival costumes for Halloween originated around the beginning of the twentieth century. Children and adults alike dress up in various costumes: the image of witches, pumpkins, fairies, bats, vampires, zombies, some fairy-tale characters, and so on. The holiday has spread all over the world—now it is celebrated with pleasure by many people in different countries. Drawing these Halloween symbols is an easy and fun process, as well as a great opportunity to practice drawing symmetrical shapes, rounded shapes, and curved lines.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Jack O’lantern for Kids

  1. Outlining the basic shape.

    Begin by drawing a pumpkin shape. The head of the scary pumpkin is a jagged oval.Halloween Pumpkin Easy Drawing Tutorial

  2. Shape the eyes.

    The eyes of the festive symbol are two approximately identical triangles, located at a short distance from each other. They are shaped like cheese slices.Jack o Lantern Easy Drawing

  3. Add details.

    Now you need to shape the eyes so that they look more voluminous and realistic. To do this, you need to add lines inside the eyes, as in the example.How to Draw an Easy Jack o Lantern

  4. Shape the mouth.

    Draw a slightly curved line, and a longer curved line below it. The lines connect to each other to form a wide, eerie smile.Halloween Drawings for Kids

  5. Detail the smile.

    Now add an extra curved line inside the mouth to create volume in the drawing.Step by Step Halloween Pumpkin Drawing

  6. Texture the pumpkin.

    In order to add texture to the pumpkin, you need to draw three curved lines on the pumpkin.Pumpkin Face Drawing tutorial

  7. Draw the stalk.

    Form the stalk of the pumpkin using three lines.How to Draw a Scary Pumpkin

  8. Draw the body of the bat.

    Now we add the second character to our picture. First, you need to draw the shape of the bat’s body. Draw a semi-oval, and at the top place the triangular ears touching each other. After that, add the bat eyes, as in the to draw scary pumpkin faces

  9. Add the bat wings.

    The penultimate step is to depict the wings of the animal. Start drawing the wings of the bat with curved lines, then draw the next section of the wings using straight lines. In the end, draw the lower parts of the wings, which look like Batman’s cape.How to Draw a Jack o Lantern

  10. Color your drawing.

    Color your pumpkin in the typical orange shade of a pumpkin. Then add color to the rest of the details in the drawing.
    how to draw a jack o'lantern

Your Halloween drawing is ready! We hope you did a great job with this drawing. We also offer to draw a Haunted House or a Zombie for Halloween.

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