How to Draw a Cheese for Kids

In this super simple drawing lesson you will learn how to draw a cheese in a really easy way even for kids.

How to Draw Cheese
How to Draw a Cheese Step by Step

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw a cheese for kids in a simple style. Cheese is a really ancient type of food that has been well known in many countries of the world since antiquity. For example, in Ancient Greece, cheese was already known and really revered by the ancient Greeks. According to one of the myths, the goddess Artemis taught people how to make cheese, and even the deities ate cheese and washed them down with drinks.

In the Roman Empire of the Caesar era, cheese making was also known, and more than 10 varieties of cheese were already known, and there were also cheeses that were brought from Asia Minor and various islands. Various types of milk were used to make cheese. And cheese gained the greatest popularity in the Middle Ages when people had already learned to pickle cheese, add aromas to cheese, smoke, and so on. We hope this little information was helpful to you. Now you can start drawing this delicious food. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Cheese for Kids

  1. Cheese shape.

    Start by drawing the top of the cheese shape, which is drawn using three lines. You just need to draw a triangle as shown.Step by Step Cheese Drawing

  2. Draw sidelines.

    Now you need to draw the bottom of the cheese using three lines that connect together to form the shape and volume of the piece of cheese.How to Draw an Easy Cheese

  3. Cheese holes.

    Draw holes in the top of the cheese using oval shapes.How to Draw a Cartoon Cheese

  4. Holes in the side.

    Now draw the holes in the side of the cheese as shown.How to Draw Swiss Cheese

  5. Color the cheese.

    The cheese sketching process is complete, and now you need to color your artwork using your favorite coloring tools. Before coloring your pencil sketch, you can trace the outlines with an ink pen or marker.How to Draw a Cheese Easy

We are glad that you drew this cheese using our tutorial. We are also waiting for you at our other simple drawing lessons. Draw and practice with us!

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