How to Draw a House for Kids

In this drawing lesson for kids, you will learn how to draw a house step by step and easily. Start drawing houses and buildings with this tutorial!

How to Draw a House for Kids
How to Draw a House step by step

Hello! We present to your attention a drawing tutorial on how to draw a house for kids step by step. With this lesson in drawing a house, you can easily draw a simple building, since in the drawing process you will use simple shapes and straight lines.

Any house is an important object in every city. In houses, people live, work, do what they love. Each house has its own individual purpose and looks the way it needs to be. In this instruction, an example of an ordinary residential building is drawn, which everyone can very easily draw. You can also draw trees around the house to get a more interesting drawing. Try to follow all these instructions, and then it will be easy to draw a beautiful house.

Below is a step-by-step plan to follow during the entire drawing process. Each step is a significant part of the final design of the building.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a House for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the house.

    Begin by drawing a rectangle in the middle of your paper. It’s the base of the house.House Easy Drawing Guide

  2. Draw the roof.

    The roof of the house will be trapezoidal. Note that the top of the roof is narrower than the bottom.
    Drawing Tutorial a House for Kids

  3. Draw the porch and chimney on the roof.

    At the bottom of the house, draw the long base of the house. On the roof on the right side, draw the square chimney.
    Learn how to Draw a House for Kids

  4. Add the roof tiles.

    Draw some wavy lines on the roof to indicate the pattern.
    Skethcing a House

  5. Draw the door.

    On the left side of the house, draw a long, vertical rectangle for the house door. Also, depict a small circle in the middle of the door that represents the doorknob.
    Draw a House for Kids

  6. Draw the window.

    Draw the large window next to the door on the right side. Depict the large square with two intersecting lines inside.
    Drawing a House for Kids

  7. Color your drawing.

    We decided to shade the house in light yellow and make the roof red. You can decide how to color your house artwork. Don’t forget to color the window, door, chimney, and porch.Cartoon Drawing a House

The drawing is ready! We hope you enjoyed drawing the house and the lesson was useful. Be sure to show your work to your friends and family. We also recommend checking out other drawing tutorials for kids.

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