How to Draw a Heart

Draw a funny heart using this simple guide. Below, you will see instructions and a collage of how to draw a heart step by step. Practice with our drawings!

Heart Drawing Tutorial
How to Draw a Heart Step by Step

We’re glad to see you! Here, we will show you how to draw a heart in cartoon style! With the help of the image of a heart, a person can express sympathy or love towards another person. You can also draw this symbol on greeting cards, valentines, candy wrappers, plush toys, love cards and letters. Anyone will love this handmade gift!

This symbol became widespread in the nineteenth century. It was then that the heart symbol began to gain prominence. And this symbol gained popularity as a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Our step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to draw a cute cartoon heart! Drawing a heart is a simple and interesting process. Let’s get started on it quickly!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Heart

  1. Draw half.

    Start by drawing one half of the heart.Heart Drawing Easy

  2. The second part.

    Now draw the other half of the heart in the same way. You can stop at this step and use a minimalistic heart for your gift card and artwork. Next, we will show the details of the cartoon heart!How to Draw an Easy Heart

  3. Eyes.

    Now draw the cartoonish eyes using two curved lines at the top and two straight horizontal lines at the bottom below the eyes.How to Sketch a Cartoon Heart Easy

  4. Add the pupil.

    Add round pupils to the eye area.How to Sketch a Heart Cartoon

  5. Add details.

    Draw eyelashes above the eyes, also draw the inner part of the pupils as shown.How to Sketch a Cartoon Heart

  6. Drawing the mouth.

    Now it’s time to draw the lips of the cartoon heart, and start by drawing the top lip. In addition to the lip, you can add the small mole to the right of the cartoon heart’s mouth.Cartoon Heart Drawing

  7. Add the bottom lip.

    Now, using a curved line, draw the bottom lip.Heart How to Draw Easy

  8. Color the heart.

    Color the cartoon heart using coloring tools like crayons or paint.
    Heart How to Draw

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