How to Draw a Haunted House Step-by-Step

Today, we will immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of mystery of Halloween, by creating our own haunted house. You will learn how to not only draw the haunted house itself, but also how to add elements of horror and mystique to it. Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started!

Easy Haunted House Drawing
How to Draw a Haunted House Step by Step

Welcome to the drawing tutorial on a haunted house! Today, we will enter a world of mystery and enigma, where our imaginations will come to life on paper. You will learn how to easily draw a haunted house step-by-step! First, let’s discuss what a haunted house is and what we can add to make it even more mysterious.

A haunted house is not just a regular house, it’s a building that is filled with secrets and scary mysteries. It’s a place where you may encounter ghosts, monsters, bats, and other mysterious creatures. To create such a house on paper, you need to use your imagination and let your creativity flow.

When drawing a haunted house, you can fully engage your imagination to add various mystical creatures around the house. For example, ghosts, zombies, bats, black cats, and more. You can draw them anywhere around the house, but it’s best if they are encountered on your path to the house. You can also add other elements of mysticism, such as shimmering lights, fog, and secret passages. However, don’t overdo it and overload the drawing.

Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment. Drawing a haunted house is a wonderful way to express your imagination and creative abilities. Don’t forget that you can create your own stories around this house and share them with your friends.

We hope that this haunted house drawing lesson will teach you how to create mystical and mysterious drawings. Enjoy the creative process!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Haunted House Step-by-Step

  1. Draw the roofs.

    Begin by drawing two trapezoidal shapes for the upper and lower roofs.
    Drawing Haunted House

  2. Add the walls.

    Draw walls that connect the upper roof and lower roof to create the upper floor of the house. Then, using wavy lines, texture the roof by adding roof tiles.Easy to Draw Haunted House

  3. Draw the window.

    On the floor you drew, you need to add the square window like in the example. Also, draw vertical fence lines on the large roof.Step by Step Haunted House Drawing

  4. Add details.

    Detail the window by adding the grid, then draw a windowsill-stool. Following the example in this step, add the horizontal line to the roof fence.How to Draw a Haunted House Easy

  5. Draw the walls.

    Under the drawn roof, form the walls of the house using straight lines, then draw the triangular-shaped hip roof.Haunted House Drawing for Kids

  6. Add the roof tiles.

    Detail the large roof of the house by adding roof tiles with wavy lines. Then add the walls of the basement of the house.
    Halloween House Drawing

  7. Add house parts.

    Draw the rectangular door, as well as the large window on the first floor.
    Haunted House Drawing Tutorial

  8. Draw the full moon.

    Now, to add a mystical atmosphere, you need to draw a background for the house with ghosts. Using a circular shape, draw the moon behind the house. Also, add the windowsill under the window, as in the example.How to Sketch a Haunted House

  9. Draw the bats.

    Draw the bats above the house to add the mystical atmosphere to your haunted house.
    Haunted House Drawing Easy

  10. Color the ghost house.

    We shaded our ghost house in a mystical dark purple shade, but you can use, for example, gray color. Just take your favorite coloring tools and add colors to your drawing!Haunted House Drawing

In conclusion of our tutorial on drawing a haunted house, I would like to thank you for joining our drawing guides and for your creativity and outstanding work! Your imagination brought a unique charm and mystery to the image of the house. I am confident that you have gained new skills and useful ideas in our lesson. See you again, friends!

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