How to Draw a Ford Truck

Learn How to Draw a Ford Truck on a step-by-step drawing tutorial with Scroll below to see the entire guide about the pickup truck.

How to Draw a Ford Truck for Beginners
How to Draw a Ford Truck Step by Step

Welcome to the drawing lesson about the powerful and brutal truck! Here you will learn how to draw a Ford Truck on this understandable and pretty easy sketching lesson because the Internet has a huge number of guides about car drawing, but many of them are very difficult. Even considering many details in this sketch, it does not make a lesson very complicated, because everything is divided into the right steps that are created for you.

In 2015, this cool truck was presented, which was liked by many people, because this pickup truck acquired a new body, which became on the view more aggressive because of a new unusual radiator with a huge Ford logo. Also, this model has a new headlamp compared to previous models, this innovation refers to both the front headlamps and the rear lamps of the car. In addition to the huge logo on the front, this trade still has a huge logo of this brand. This model has wheel arches of more than 152 mm.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Pickup Truck

  1. Draw the basic lines.

    Start the sketch of this trad by drawing steering basic lines. These lines will simplify you to draw the Pickup parts in the following actions in this guide.Pickup Truck Easy Drawing

  2. Arches of wheels.

    Steering lines are ready, and now you need to draw the first parts of the car. So, start with the semicircular forms of the arches for the wheels. Also considering that in the step there are other blue lines, you also need to repeat from this example.Truck Sketching Tutorial

  3. Body lines.

    The arches form are ready, now it will be necessary to draw design lines over the arches, which in this step are shown in the example. You also need to portray the form of the front radiator of the truck.Ford Car Drawing Easy

  4. Windows and bumper.

    Start here with the drawing of the windshield lines, trying to portray these lines most accurately and correctly. After that, depict a line that shares the front of the car and rear. In addition to these steps, also draw the parts of the bumper, which are shown in the example.How to Drawing Pickup Truck

  5. Draw the door and mirror.

    First, portray the shape of the doors that go on the sides, then draw the Ford window. After that, depict all the small details that you could miss, as well as draw the rearview mirror.Drawing tutorial pickup truck

  6. Draw the headlamp.

    Now you need to sketch the details of the hood Pickup Truck, but we advise you to start with the drawing of the headlamp, and then go to the details of the hood.Ford Truck Sketching Tutorial

  7. Draw the shapes of the wheels.

    The car body is ready, now you will need to draw the wheels of the wheels that will need to depict carefully and very smoothly because the wheels must be most correctly drawn.Ford Truck How to Sketch

  8. Draw the pickup truck rims.

    Here you need to sketch typical for SUVs or pickup trucks rims that visually look not very large. Try to repeat the details of the rims so that your sketch is similar to the example.How to Sketch a Ford Truck

  9. Draw the Ford logo.

    The sketch is almost ready because you have to do quite a bit. At this stage, you need to depict the grille of the car’s radiator, on which a huge Ford logo is banging. After that, draw the car handle on the door, as well as add a hatch in the sketch, which are also shadows in the sketch.Ford Truck Drawing Tutorial

  10. Your Ford is ready!

    We hope you were able to help you draw this Ford Pickup Truck, as it is very important for us that you learn to sketch and develop your skills. By the way, if you want, you can paint your art in that color that you like best using your favorite coloring tools for this artwork.How to Draw a Ford Truck Easy

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