How to Draw a Fawn for Kids

In this step-by-step drawing guide, you will see how to draw a fawn for kids. This is a very easy drawing lesson for those who are starting their drawing journey!

How to Draw a Fawn for Kids
How to Draw a Fawn step by step

Hello boys and girls! we recently received a request to do a drawing lesson on how to draw a fawn for kids step by step. We appreciate the requests of our young readers and have prepared the simplest lesson with pleasure.

In this simple fawn drawing tutorial, you will get to know this wonderful animal a little better, as well as learn how to draw different shapes and develop fine motor skills. To learn how to draw fawn, you only need a clean piece of paper, pencils, and the desire to draw. We will teach the rest! Now let’s get to know a little about our character.

Fawn are very kind and noble animals. They are very calm and easily make contact with people. Therefore, they can be stroked and fed from the palm of your hand.

A fawn is a baby deer that belongs to a large class of the artiodactyl mammal family. The natural habitat of reindeer can be a variety of climatic and vegetation zones—deserts, steppes, wetlands, forests, and arctic tundra. Mostly they can be found in Eurasia and America.

We now know a little more about deer cubs. Now let’s move on to a simple fawn drawing guide step by step.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Fawn for Kids

  1. Draw the fawn’s head.

    Draw the head in the middle of the sheet. It looks like an oval.
    Draw a baby deer for Kids

  2. Draw the torso.

    The deer has a large, elongated body. To do this, draw two lines down from the head, slightly inclined to the right. Now draw an oval, continuing these lines.
    Drawing Fawn for Kids

  3. Draw the ears, tail, and legs.

    This step shows how you need to draw the small ears, legs and wavy tail of the fawn.
    how to draw a baby deer for kids

  4. Draw the antlers and finish the hooves.

    Draw the basic shape of the deer antlers in elongated shapes, then add the hooves and other details, as in the example.
    How to draw a baby deer

  5. Draw the antlers, muzzle, and torso.

    The next step is to draw branched antlers on each antler. To do this, draw 2 small ovals on both sides of each horn (you should get only 8 small horns).
    Next, you need to draw the face of fawn. To do this, make small filled circles. Next comes the spout. Draw the small oval in the middle, and an arc below it. Connect them with a straight vertical line.
    Also on the belly, draw a line that goes from the head to the hind legs.
    drawing lesson Fawn for kids

  6. Draw the face and draw the spots.

    To complete the muzzle, draw 2 arcs on it, which starts from the ear to the nose. We will have a sika deer, for this on the body draw four ovals of different sizes.
    How to Draw a Fawn For Kids Tutorial

  7. Part of Tracing.

    The pencil drawing is ready, and you can start to trace the drawing with a marker or a fountain pen with ink.
    How to Draw a Simple Fawn

  8. Color the drawing fawn.

    Color the antlers, hooves, and nose with a dark brown color. One half of the body, muzzle, ears, and tail is light brown, the rest is beige. Make the paws the same color as the upper part of the body, and the spots on the back beige.
    Drawing Fawn

Hooray, we’re done! You did it very nicely. Agree that drawing fawn is not difficult? The main thing is desire and diligence, and then you will definitely succeed. Share your fawn drawings on social media for everyone to admire.

You can also check out our other drawing tutorials. All the best!

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