How to Draw a Deer for Kids

In this easy and step-by-step drawing tutorial for kids, you will see how to draw a deer. This tutorial is easy for artists of all drawing levels!

How to Draw a Deer for Kids
How to Draw a deer step by step

Hello friends! We have prepared a simple drawing lesson on how to draw a deer for kids step by step. We tried to use light elements in the drawings so that any child could easily draw.

Deer are very kind and noble animals. They are very calm and easily make contact with people. Therefore, they can be stroked and fed from the palm of your hand.

Deer have thin but very strong legs. Thanks to such developed muscles, they run fast. They are also famous for their antlers. This is their decoration. Only they are available only in males. In females, they are of small size.

Let’s draw a male deer, which will have large branched antlers. High and powerful legs. And beautiful color. Follow our instructions, and we will show you how to draw a deer step by step. Do this slowly, read and watch carefully to avoid mistakes.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Deer for Kids

  1. Draw the head of the deer.

    To draw the head of a deer, you need to draw the oval. Only on the right side, narrow it and sharpen it, since the nose will be located there.
    Draw a Deer for Kids

  2. Draw the torso.

    Also, draw the oval only a few times larger. And make the left side a little smaller and lift it up.
    Drawing Deer for Kids

  3. Draw the legs and neck.

    Connect the deer’s head and torso using curved lines. Next, draw the legs.
    Learn how to draw a Deer for kids

  4. Draw the ears, tail, and legs.

    Draw the far legs in the same way as in the previous step. Depict the ear on the top of the deer’s head. It looks like an oval. Just tilt it diagonally to the left. Next, draw the tail. To do this, draw the oval with a pointed end at the bottom.
    How to draw a Deer easy

  5. Add details.

    Detail your deer sketch by adding details such as hooves and deer fur lines.
    drawing lesson Deer for kids

  6. Draw the antlers and the face.

    The antlers can be drawn in any shape, or see how this is done on our sample. It remains to draw the eye and nose. To do this, draw the small circle in the middle of the head. And in place of the nose, draw the curved line.
    How to Draw a Deer For Kids Tutorial

  7. Part of Tracing.

    The pencil drawing is ready, and you can start to trace the drawing with a marker or a fountain pen with ink.
    Drawing Deer

  8. Color the deer.

    Color in half of the tail and hooves with a dark brown pencil. The antlers are yellow. The ear is pink. The mane and belly are beige. Everything else is light brown or orange.

Done! A very realistic drawing turned out. Did you like drawing deer? We hope so. After all, it is so interesting and simple that every novice artist will like it. Draw, enjoy the process and share with your friends.

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