How to Draw a Duck

Learn how to draw a duck in an easy cartoon style. Scroll down below to see a step-by-step duck drawing collage.

How to Draw a Cartoon Duck
How to Draw a Duck Step by Step

Below you will find the detailed steps in the lesson on how to draw a duck. Surely you have seen these wonderful and slightly funny feathered birds in parks or in natural conditions near natural lakes. And this is no coincidence, because they are excellent divers.

Surprisingly, ducks can dive underwater up to one meter deep. The answer lies in the thin layer of fat that is present on the plumage of these birds, so the feathers of the duck do not get wet, and it can float on the surface of the water. We hope that this instruction will be useful for you if you want to draw such a cute duck. Scroll down for more information on drawing a duck.

This duck looks realistic but is easy to draw and will help you get started. For you, we have an elementary duckling drawing lesson that you can use before you try to draw a duck from this guide.

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Duck

  1. Shape the head.

    Draw an oval for the head. Then, inside the head shape, draw a circle for the eye.Duck head drawing

  2. Face details.

    Add duck beak, eyebrow, and light reflection effect to the eye.Duck Beak Drawing

  3. Add the neck.

    From under the head, extend two curved lines for the shape of the duck’s neck. Connect these lines at the bottom as in the example.Duck Neck Drawing

  4. Draw the body.

    Draw the duck’s body, which should be rounded on the left and pointed on the right. Besides the body, you need to draw a stripe on the duck’s neck.How to Draw a Duck Body

  5. Add the wing.

    Now you need to start drawing the duck wing. Draw the wing rounded on top, and draw the feathers in a wavy shape.How to Sketch a Duck

  6. Add feathers.

    Detail the duck’s wing by adding a second line of wavy feathers.Duck Wing Drawing

  7. Duck thighs.

    Depict two small duck thighs as in the example.Duck Drawing Easy

  8. Draw the legs.

    Now you need to depict the duck shanks and feet.How to Draw a Duck Easy

  9. Color the bird.

    If you have seen ducks live, then you understand that the color of ducks is very beautiful and varied. Color your cute duck using coloring tools like crayons or colored pencils.
    How to Draw a Duck

Great, your cartoon duck drawing is ready! Try to draw other animals using our step by step drawing tutorials.

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