How to Draw a Duck for Kids

Learn how to draw a duck for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolers and preschoolers.

How to Draw a Duck for Kids
How to Draw a Duck for Kids step by step

Quack quack! Hello kids, in this drawing lesson we will show you how to draw a duck for kids step by step. We tried to draw the cartoon duck very simple so that all the kids could easily draw it.

Let’s learn a little more about ducks. Ducks belong to a large family of waterfowl, of which there are about 150 modern species. Ducks are medium to small sized birds with a relatively short neck and tarsus covered in front with transverse shields. Coloring is very different. These birds live almost all over the world, except for some oceanic islands.

Here’s a birdie in our duck drawing tutorial. Now let’s move on to the tutorial itself. For this, we need drawing supplies (pencils/markers/eraser) and a blank sheet of paper. We will provide the rest!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Duck for Kids

  1. Draw a duck head.

    In the middle of the sheet, draw the head of our duck, it has a slightly flattened oval shape.
    Draw a Duck for Kids

  2. Draw the eye and beak.

    For the duck to see us, let’s draw an eye. Closer to the upper left edge of the head, draw a small circle, and in it a black dot.
    Add another beak by extending a curved line from the face and enclosing an irregular shape.
    Drawing Duck for Kids

  3. Draw the body of the duck.

    Step back a short distance from your head. And right below it we draw an oval, but on the right edge we make it pointed, where the tail will be.
    How to draw a Duck easy

  4. Draw the neck.

    Connect the head to the body by drawing the neck. To do this, draw two identical vertical lines.
    How to Draw a Duck for Beginners

  5. Draw a wing.

    Before moving on to the wing, let’s finish with the neck. Draw a horizontal line on the neck, it will give it beauty. Next, draw a wing in the center of the body. It resembles the body itself in shape. On the right side of the wing, draw feathers as horizontal lines.
    Drawing Duck for Beginners

  6. Draw the legs.

    So that the duck can move, we will draw its paws. It may seem harder than it sounds, but you will succeed. The main thing is, see how it is shown in our figure and take your time.
    Draw another similar foot next to it.
    Easy Drawing Duck for Kids

  7. Color the duck.

    Our duck’s head will be green, the upper part of the neck and wing will be gray, and the body will be brown. And the beak and legs are orange.
    How to Draw a Simple Duck

This concludes our lesson on how to draw a duck for beginners. We hope you enjoyed the step-by-step tutorial, because we are doing our best for you. You can share your drawing with your friends on social networks and mark us and we will rate the best work!

And you can also check out our other drawing tutorials. All the best!

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