How to Draw a Dog’s Face for Kids

Learn how to draw a dog’s face for kids step by step with this easy drawing tutorial. Draw, practice and improve with our guides!

How to Draw a Dog's Face
How to Draw a Dog Face Step by Step

Hello everyone for this drawing lesson! Today we have to depict the head of a dog. According to some theories, this animal traces its history of origin from the wolf and several types of jackals. The process of their domestication was long and very interesting. According to reports, there are now about four hundred different breeds of dogs. How to reproduce the image of a pet? Our special step-by-step instructions will show you how to draw a dog’s face for kids!

It is curious that the skeletal system of dogs is arranged differently from that of other animals. Dog bones are strong and lightweight. The muscles of the animal activate certain parts of its skeleton, which allows the dog to move freely in space. The pet can walk, trot and gallop, climb mountains, jump, swim, and also overcome tall grass. Drawing a dog’s head will allow you to improve your skills in drawing symmetrical shapes, rounded shapes, and curved lines. Follow the recommendations, and soon you will have a wonderful drawing!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Dog’s Face for Kids

  1. Draw the nose.

    Draw an oval, tapered downward. To make this step easier, imagine the shape of a hazelnut.Dog Muzzle Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the snout.

    Outwardly, the muzzle is a bit like horizontal leaves. Draw two unfinished ovals. To do this, start drawing the line of the dog’s face in the middle of the nose and finish it at the end. Please note: the lines of both parts of the muzzle should converge with each other at the bottom. The shapes are symmetrical.Dog Face Step by Step Drawing

  3. Add details.

    Add the dots of the dog’s whiskers, and also draw a curved line on the nose that is a visual reflection of the light.How to Draw a Simple Dog Face

  4. Draw the tongue.

    Draw a semi-oval. Depict the small straight line in it in the middle, which will make the dog’s tongue more detailed.How to Draw a Dog Snout

  5. Draw the mouth.

    Using curved lines, draw the bottom of the dog’s mouth.Dog Face Drawing Tutorial

  6. Draw the eyes.

    Draw two cartoon eyes for the dog, which should be oval. Try to paint the eyes the same and symmetrical.How to Draw an Easy Dog Face

  7. Add pupils and eyebrows.

    Above the dog’s eyes, draw eyebrows using curved lines. After that, in the eyes draw the pupils of the dog as shown.How to Draw a Dog Head Easy

  8. Draw the head.

    Now you need to draw the line for the head—a large, steep arc that surrounds the dog’s eyes. Start in the middle of the left side of the muzzle and end up with an arc on the right.How to Draw a Dog Face Easy

  9. Add ears.

    The penultimate step is to draw bent dog ears. Start drawing the dog’s ears from the head, then draw the bent part of the ear and finish by drawing the rounded part of the ears. Draw the second ear in the same way.How to Draw a Dog Head

  10. Color your dog drawing.

    Color the muzzle of the dog in beige, use a shade of brown for the fur. Then shade the nose grey, and the mouth and tongue pink.
    How to Draw a Dog Face

If you have drawn this head, then we suggest drawing a full body dog, which is just as easy to draw. Write your opinion about this drawing lesson in the comments, and also share the resulting drawing with your friends.

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