How to Draw a Cobra for Kids

If you are looking for a cobra drawing idea, then you have come to the right place! Here you will learn how to draw a cobra for kids easily and quickly.

How to Draw a Cobra for Beginners
How to Draw a Cobra Easy Step by Step

Hello everybody! In this step-by-step instruction, you will learn how to draw a cobra for kids. Cobra is a venomous snake from the elapids family. In case of danger, the cobra pushes the chest ribs, which form a kind of hood over the head. These snakes have developmental growth throughout life, and the longer they exist, the larger they become.

In this guide, you will be able to sketch a simple cobra step-by-step, which is drawn in nine steps. We hope that our instruction will help you in drawing this poisonous snake. We have drawn up the step-by-step plan presented below in such a way that it would be possible to draw a cobra quickly and very beautifully. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Cobra for Kids

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    Draw the snake’s head as a horizontal oval with different side shapes: one should be slightly pointed and the other rounded.How to Sketch a Cobra

  2. Shape the eyes and tongue.

    Draw two eyes as small ovals. Draw a line at the bottom for the tongue and at the end draw two small lines, turned in opposite directions.Cobra Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the body of the cobra.

    From the head, draw two parallel lines that connect at the bottom to form a sharp tip.Step by Step Cobra Drawing

  4. Draw the hood.

    Draw two large semicircles on the sides for a typical cobra hood.Cobra Drawing Step by Step

  5. Body texture.

    Throughout the cobra’s body, draw lines that create the texture of the snakeskin on the belly.Easy Cobra Drawing

  6. Start drawing the tail.

    From the tip of the cobra’s torso, draw a large, curved line as shown in the instructions.How to Draw an Easy Cobra

  7. Inner circle.

    Draw a small oval of the same shape inside the drawn structure. Thus, you get an almost complete cobra tail.How to Drwa a Cobra for Kids

  8. Draw the tip of the tail.

    Sketch two parallel lines that connect at the end to form the pointed tip of the tail.How to Draw a Cobra Easy

  9. Color the cobra.

    Color the front of the body yellow. Make the head, hood, and tail of the snake green.How to Draw a Cobra

By learning how to draw a cobra, we can better understand and appreciate its beauty and uniqueness. Also, this lesson helped us develop our drawing skills and unleash our creativity.


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