How to Draw a Christmas Ball for Kids

Learn how to draw a Christmas ball for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolers and preschoolers.

How to Draw a Christmas Ball for Kids
How to Draw a Christmas Ball Step by Step

Hello friends! New Year and Christmas is a magical time when all dreams come true! In honor of this, we have prepared a simple lesson on how to draw a Christmas ball for kids step by step.

Each of us associates Christmas with different events from childhood. For most, I think this is closely related to the cozy home atmosphere and the Xmas tree. But not with a simple Christmas tree, but with a lush and decorated with different toys. That is why we used many different colors in our Christmas ball drawing.

This Christmas drawing lesson is perfect for kids of all ages, as we tried to combine beautiful drawing and simple shapes that develop skills such as symmetry, detailing, and more. Therefore, this lesson is drawing Christmas ball for beginners of all ages.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Christmas Ball for Kids

  1. Draw the silhouette of the ball.

    The Christmas toy will be round. To do this, you can draw by hand or draw a circle with a compass. The ball must be neat.
    How to Draw a Christmas Ball for Beginners

  2. Draw the hardware and the middle of the toy.

    So that you can hang the toy on the tree, you need to draw fasteners for it. To do this, draw a small square at the top of the ball.
    Let’s start drawing a pattern on the toy. To do this, draw horizontal lines at a distance of about 1/3 above and below.
    Christmas Ball Easy Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the thread for the fastener.

    There are fasteners, but there is no reason to hang them. Let’s draw the string of the Christmas toy. To do this, draw a loop shape.
    Drawing a Christmas Ball

  4. Draw a pattern for the Christmas toy.

    Draw zigzag lines at the top and bottom of the ball as shown in our picture.
    Drawing Christmas Ball for Kids

  5. Let’s draw the last patterns.

    It remains to depict the final patterns. Draw a free-form snowflake in the center of the toy and circles on the sides of it.
    How to Draw a Christmas Ball

  6. Color the ball.

    To make the ball elegant, paint it with colored pencils. The thread is yellow, the top and bottom of the toy are red. The rectangular center is blue, and the patterns are pink and white. The space between the curved line and the center is green.
    You can use other colors that you like best.
    How to Draw a Simple Christmas Ball

What a beauty we got! Now you can print a drawing of a Christmas toy and hang it on the tree. The main desire, then you will definitely succeed! Share your secrets of drawing a Christmas tree toy with your friends and family. And create beauty together.

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