How to Draw a Chef for Kids

Learn how to draw a chef for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners, schoolers, and kindergarteners.

How to Draw a Chef for Kids
How to Draw a Chef Step by Step

Hello everybody! In this simple tutorial, we will tell our readers how to draw a chef for kids – a person who prepares various dishes. The cooks are real professionals in their field. They know what healthy foods can be used to make food, how certain ingredients work together, and how to best use different foods. And also chefs are creative people who know how to lay tables and dishes very beautifully.

The chef must not only skillfully use the skills available, but also love cooking with all his heart. It is not without reason that many people note that food that has been prepared by a specialist in a good mood acquires a special and rich taste. Drawing a chef will give you positive emotions and will certainly make you want to create your own culinary masterpiece. Let’s start!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Chef for Kids

  1. Shape the chef’s head.

    Begin by drawing an oval-shaped head for your cartoon chef.Chef Face Drawing

  2. Draw the chef’s hat.

    Draw two straight lines up from the head. Then draw three arched shapes above them, differing in size from each other. The shape of the top of the cap resembles the edges of a cake. Try to make the chef’s hat look like an example.How to Draw a Chef Hat

  3. Add parts of the face.

    Add dots for the eyes. Draw a small oval for the nose under the eyes.How to Draw a Chef Hat Step by Step

  4. Eyebrows and ears.

    Now you need to draw the chef’s eyebrows just above the eyes, and after that draw two ears on both sides of the chef’s head.How to Draw a Chef Simple

  5. Add the mustache.

    Draw a large authentic handlebar mustache under the chef’s nose.Chef Hat Drawing Tutorial

  6. Draw the torso.

    The body, dressed in a white uniform, should be depicted in the shape of a bell. Draw the sides of the torso using parallel, curved lines, and connect the bottom with a straight or slightly curved line.Easy Chef Drawing

  7. Add details.

    Now sketch out the sleeves of the chef’s uniform, and after that, sketch out the pocket that is located on the chef’s belly.Chef Drawing for Kids

  8. Draw the hands.

    Draw the hands near the chef’s sleeves. Note that one hand should be drawn as a fist as shown.Step by Step Chef Drawing Tutorial

  9. Draw the ladle.

    To pour the dishes into plates, the chef keeps a ladle with him. Draw it using a long, vertical curl going through the hand in the fist. Finish off the image by drawing the bottom part of the ladle.Easy Chef Drawing Tutorial

  10. Draw the pants.

    Now you need to draw the legs of the chef. First, draw one more shape of the legs, and then separate them with one straight line, as in the example.How to Draw an Easy Chef

  11. Draw the shoes.

    Now you need to complete the drawing process by adding the chef’s shoes.How to Draw a Chef Easy

  12. Color your drawing.

    If you drew with a pencil, we recommend that you trace the outlines of the sketch using a marker or fountain pen. Then just go ahead and color your drawing!
    How to Draw a Chef

Your cute chef drawing is ready! Now you need to try not to relax and practice drawing even more often. So you improve your skills as an artist!

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