How to Draw a Cat

In this easy drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a cat. Draw cute pets with us!

How to Draw an Easy Cat
How to Draw an Easy Cat Step by Step

Hi all! Today we will tell you how to draw a cat – an adorable cat that will be easy to draw for both beginners in drawing and more experienced artists.

The characters of cats vary: they can be mischievous or calm, affectionate and not very, cocky or timid. We can say that each kitten is truly unique—both in character and in the color of the cat’s coat.
Newborn kittens are helpless and need care and support from the mother cat. A little kitten needs warmth: According to experts, little kittens need a temperature of around 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a great idea to free up some space for the baby so that at some point he has the opportunity to cool down in order to avoid body overheating. Know these details so that your little pet can grow up in comfort. Drawing a kitten is a simple and interesting activity. Let’s start!

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Cat

  1. Draw the head.

    The head is shaped like a mushroom cap.
    Use this association and draw the corresponding form on the sheet. You can also do otherwise: draw a trapezoid, erase its sides and draw smooth curved lines along the remaining traces so that the part takes on rounded shapes. Make the cat’s cheeks pointed as in the example.Cat Head Draw

  2. Add ears and torso.

    From the two sides under the head, extend down two curved lines that will create the shape of the cat’s torso. After that draw the lower part of the cat’s torso by adding a curved horizontal line.Cat Ears Drawing

  3. Add the front legs.

    With the help of curved lines draw the front legs of the cat and then with the help of draw the circular shapes of the paws of the cat. See how it is drawn in the example and do the same.Easy Cat Draw

  4. Add the tail and legs.

    Don’t forget to use an eraser to remove the excess torso lines that cross over the forelimb. Next, draw two arcs next to each of the already drawn limbs. Be careful: one hind limb should be visible to the viewer in its entirety, and the other – not fully visible due to the body. It remains to add the tail in the form using curved lines and a rounded tip.Cat Tail Drawing

  5. Add details.

    Repeat the outlines of the ears one more time (inside the drawn ears) to get the necessary auricles. After that, add short dividing lines on the paws and tail of the cat, and also add a pointed pattern on the chest of the cat.Cat Drawing for Kids

  6. Detail the face.

    Draw two large circles on the face for the shapes of the cat’s eyes. A little lower, draw an inverted triangle with rounded sides – this is the nose.Cat Easy Drawing Tutorial

  7. Draw the face.

    Now you need to draw the cat’s eyebrows in the form of two rectangles. After that draw small round pupils as well as the cat’s mouth.Cat Drawing Tutorial

  8. Add the cat’s whiskers.

    Inside both eyes, draw ovals that will be shiny spots in the eyes. After that, with the help of lines draw the cat’s whiskers, and under the mouth sketch a protruding cat’s tongue.How to Draw a Cat for Beginners

  9. Color your cat.

    How to Draw a Cat

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