How to Draw a Dragon

Dragons are very scary mythical creatures, but you can draw a cute dragon! Learn how to draw a dragon using our drawing tutorial.

Dragon How to Draw Easy
How to Draw a Dragon Step by Step Easy

Hi all! Today we will tell you how to draw a dragon—a fantastic creature of large size and partly resembling a snake or lizard in its appearance.

Dragons have magical skills: they often have powerful wings and are able to fly high in the air, and one of the important skills of dragons is fire breathing. In addition, some stories speak of the ability of dragons to change their own appearance, taking on a human form and, thanks to this, hide among people. It is not clear when dragon stories first appeared, but huge flying kites were described by the ancient Greeks and even the Sumerians. Dragons are also hugely popular in China, but the image of Chinese dragons is not at all like European or Middle Eastern dragons.

Where do dragons live? If you look at stories from myths and legends, you can find out that dragons live in damp places, away from cities, where they are not disturbed. Usually their houses are located in some isolated caves, and sometimes castles abandoned by people.

Drawing a dragon is a fun activity during which you will practice drawing mythical creatures and various lines. Let’s start!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Dragon

  1. Draw the head.

    Start by drawing the basic shape of the dragon’s head.Dragon Head Easy Drawing

  2. Add the torso.

    Now you need to draw the dragon’s torso just below the drawn head shape.How to Sketch an Easy Dragon

  3. Add a wing and a tail.

    Draw a pointed dragon tail using two curved lines as in the example. After the tail draw the first wing of the dragon.Dragon Drawing Tutorial for Kids

  4. Draw the legs.

    Draw the legs of the dragon using curved lines.Dragon Drawing for Beginners

  5. Add hands.

    In this step, you need to draw the arms of the dragon and also add the second wing, which is visually located behind the first wing.How to Draw a Cute Dragon

  6. Add details.

    Draw the texture of the dragon’s skin using small circle shapes, and also draw the dragon’s claws on the legs.Dragon Easy Drawing

  7. Draw the horns.

    Draw horns on the dragon’s head, and draw spikes and a pointed tail tip on the dragon’s tail.How to Sketch a Dragon

  8. Head details.

    Draw large dragon ears and also an eye in the same shape as shown in the example.How to Draw an Easy Dragon

  9. Draw the face.

    Detail the dragon’s face by adding a curved mouth line, protruding sharp teeth, nostrils, and pupils.Dragon Drawing Tutorial

  10. Color your dragon.

    Grab your coloring tools and color your cartoon dragon. Before coloring, trace the outlines of the sketch using a fountain pen. Add colors to your drawing!
    How to Draw a Dragon

We also invite you to draw another mythical creature that is as beautiful as a dragon—we are talking about unicorns! Practice and improve your drawing skills, it’s a fun and interesting process!

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