How to Draw a Cartoon Girl

In this easy drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw a cartoon girl. Learn how to create a great cartoon drawing with us!

How to Draw a Cartoon Girl
How to Draw a Cartoon Girl Step by Step

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cartoon girl easy. This sketch is really easy because you do not need to draw a realistic person, but a cartoonish and cute one. The difference from the realistic drawing is that all the facial and body features are very cute and small, and you do not need to draw in detail all the fingers or parts of the face.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Cartoon Girl

  1. Sketch of the shape of the head.

    Start with the outline of the head and guidelines to help you navigate the details of the face.Sketch Chibi Girl Easy

  2. Draw the direction of the hair.

    Now you need to draw the girl’s hair, and you need to start by sketching the direction of the hair from the middle of the upper part of the forehead.Sketch Cartoon Girl

  3. Draw the hair.

    Now draw in the rest of the to draw cartoon hair girl

  4. Eye contour.

    Draw the outline of the eye of a cartoon girl in chibi or manga style.How to Draw Kawaii Girl

  5. The contour of the second eye.

    Draw the outline of the girl’s second eye using the same principle. And also draw small eyelashes, this detail will add a more pretty look to the sketch.Chibi Girl Drawing

  6. Draw the nose.

    Now you need to depict a cartoon miniature nose of the girl. To sketch the nose, you will need to sketch out literal three or four lines. Just follow the example from step.How to Sketch Girl Cartoon

  7. Eyebrows.

    Draw small eyebrows, and do not forget that the eyebrows convey the emotions of the characters. In our case, the girl’s face looks very surprised because of the raised eyebrows.Sketching Cartoon Person

  8. Draw the mouth.

    First, draw one line, which is the outline of the entire length of the mouth, and then select the upper and lower lips of the girl with two lines.Cartoon Style Drawing Girl

  9. Draw the pupils.

    The pupils are very easy to draw, you need to literally draw two large black circles in each of the eyes. Of course, we could draw colored pupils of the girl, but for the sake of simplicity, we suggest you draw just black eyes.Girl Eyes Drawing Tutorial

  10. Paint the glitter of the eyes.

    Select the two white parts in the eyes.Drawing Cartoon Girl Face

  11. Draw the shoulders.

    Drawing the face is complete, now we move on to drawing the body of the cartoon girl. Start sketching at the shoulders and top of the sweatshirt.How to Draw Cartoon Girl Face Easy

  12. Draw the ends of the hair.

    Draw all the way through the girl’s hair, drawing all the ends of the hair and detailing the hairstyle.Cartoon Girl Face Drawing

  13. Erase the extra lines.

    Using the eraser, erase all the guiding lines of the girl’s face that you will no longer need in the next drawing steps.How to Draw Girl Face

  14. Draw the sleeve of the sweater.

    Draw the sleeve of the sweater, continuing the line you started on the sketch for the girl’s shoulders.Cartoon Girl Draw Easy

  15. Second sleeve.

    Using the same principle, draw the second folded sleeve of the sweater.Cartoon Girl Drawing for Beginners

  16. Draw the arms and legs.

    Sketch the girl’s arms and the entire lower body by sketching her legs and sneakers.Cute Girl Drawing

  17. Detailing a sketch.

    Now you need to detail all the lines of the drawing, and also draw the girl’s hands in a little more detail. You can see an example of how to sketch out the hands near the picture.Cartoon Girl Sketch Hand

  18. Select all the lines with a pencil.

    Trace the sneakers and pants.How to Sketch Cartoon Girl

  19. Finish sketching.

    Now make all the details complete by following the example from to draw a cartoon person girl

  20. Color the drawing artwork.

    Color in the final sketch of the cute girl using your favorite coloring supplies. Colored pencils, felt-tip pens, or paint can help you with this.How to Draw a Girl Cartoon

We hope we helped you figure out how to sketch a cute girl, and we will be glad if you share your artwork with your friends, as well as recommend this step-by-step guide to them. Below, you can see a step-by-step worksheet for drawing a girl’s face. You can save these step-by-step tutorials for yourself to use, or you can print them out on your printer.

Draw Cartoon Chibi Girl Face Step by Step

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