How to Draw an Eyebrow Step by Step

Learn how to draw an eyebrow step by step drawing tutorial. Drawing an eyebrow is easy if you follow the instructions and steps.

How to Draw Eyebrows
How to Draw an Eyebrow Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw an eyebrow in easy step by step instructions. Eyebrows are the same part of the face like the nose, mouth, or eyes, and few people know about the importance of eyebrows. Eyebrows are primarily about protecting the eyes from liquids that can drip from the head or forehead of people. The shapes of the eyebrows are very, very different, the eyebrows also come in different thicknesses. Some eyebrows maybe longer, while others may be barely visible at all due to hair color or the thickness of the brow hair.

In these instructions, we have depicted a fairly understandable look of the eyebrow, which will be much easier for you to repeat and depict by following these schematic steps that we have done for you.

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw an Eyebrow Step by Step

  1. Draw a line.

    The first detail of this diagram will be the horizontal line that you will need to draw. Choose the length of the line yourself, taking into account the proportions of the paper on which you are drawing.Sketch_Brow_Easy

  2. Draw a triangle.

    The second part of the diagram should be a triangle. Note that you should leave a little distance on the right side as shown in the example in step.sketching_eyebrows

  3. Another triangle.

    You drew the first triangle, and it was needed to select the upper corner of the eyebrow that you are drawing. Now we need to draw another triangle, which is needed for the shape of the lower part of the eyebrow. All the necessary line is shown in blue in the example, it is this line that you need to depict. Brows_Sketching_Tutorial

  4. Eyebrow shape.

    This detail is shown in blue in the step, and you probably already realized that this is the line of the outer side of the eyebrow.how_to_draw_in_eyebrows

  5. Top part shape.

    Now draw a long line that connects the corner of the triangle and the side piece you drew in the previous step.draw_perfect_eyebrows

  6. Erase the guidelines.

    So, you have already drawn all the shapes of the eyebrows, now you need to erase the extra lines that you drew earlier. In this picture, the lines to be erased are shown in blue.EyeBrow_Easy_Drawing_Tutorial

  7. Tracing.

    You erased the extra baselines, so you can now trace the contours of the eyebrow with a fountain pen and ink, or with a marker. This is what the result of what you have done should look like.Eyebrow_Drawing_Tutorial_for_Beginners

  8. Color the eyebrow.

    You have already outlined the contours of the eyebrow with a marker, now you can color the eyebrow. You can paint you’re drawing any color you want, so it is not necessary to paint it black as in the example.how_to_draw_realistic_eyebrows

  9. You can smooth the corners.

    If you want the corners of your eyebrow pattern to not be as sharp, you can erase the sharp corners and make them more rounded. You can see such an example in this step, which is demonstrated for you. Eyebrows_How_to_Draw

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