How to Draw a Cartoon Fox

Learn how to draw a cartoon fox easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. Step by step cute fox drawing.

How to Draw a Fox Easy
How to Draw a Fox Step by Step

Hello dear friends! In this drawing lesson, we present you with a step-by-step guide in which you will learn how to draw a cartoon fox easily. To draw, you will need paper, a sketching pencil, a tracing marker, and crayons or felt-tip pens for coloring. Before you start sketching out this cute animal, learn some facts about these cute animals.

Foxes are predatory animals that are mammals and belong to the canine family. That is, foxes are distant relatives of dogs and wolves, an interesting fact! Foxes have a very memorable appearance that cannot be confused with other animals. Foxes are often red or orange in color, have a large bushy tail and pointed ears. By the way, the fox’s tail is very important, because with the help of the fox’s tail they stabilize the body while running, and in winter the tail warms the animal. Also, these animals have well-developed various senses, primarily hearing, smell, and sight. These are interesting facts that make us more knowledgeable in the animal kingdom, but now we need to draw a fox, and let’s get started!

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Cartoon Fox

  1. Shape the head.

    Start by drawing the shape of the head, which can be drawn very easily using rounded lines.Head Animals Drawing Guidelines

  2. Add ears.

    Draw the pointed ears of the fox using the lines to be drawn from the head.Fox Ears Drawing

  3. Draw the eyes.

    Now draw the round cartoon eyes of the fox, and also, as in the example, leave circles that will be the reflection of the light in the eyes of the fox.How to Draw a Fox Easy for Beginners

  4. Add eyebrows.

    Add small eyebrows above the fox’s eyes.Cute Fox Drawing Tutorial

  5. Add a nose.

    Continuing to add parts of the fox’s face, the next step is to sketch out a cute fox nose.How to Draw a Fox for Kids

  6. Draw the mouth.

    Draw a cute fox mouth using curved lines that are drawn from the middle of the bottom of the nose.How to Draw a Fox Head

  7. Add body shape.

    As in the example, draw the guidelines for the shape of the fox’s body.How to Draw a Cute Fox

  8. Draw the front legs.

    Draw the simple legs of the fox, as well as the rounded paws towards the bottom.How to Draw a Fox Cute

  9. Add hind legs.

    Now draw the fox’s hind legs in the same way as the front ones. But keep in mind that the shape of the hind legs is different from the front ones.How to Draw a Fox for Beginners

  10. Draw the tail.

    Now draw a large fluffy fox tail.Step by Step Fox Drawing

  11. Add details.

    Fox fur is usually colored and divided into parts, so you need to add these details to the drawing to make your fox drawing look natural.Fox Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

  12. Inking.

    Finally, before the cute fox art coloring process, trace the contours of your cartoon fox sketch with an ink pen or black marker. If there are no such supplies nearby, then do it with a small brush and black paint.Fox Drawing Tutorial

  13. Color your cute fox.

    The sketching process is almost complete, you just have to color your artwork and the cartoon illustration will be complete!How to Draw a Cartoon Fox

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