How to Draw a Wolf for Kids

In this really easy drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a wolf for kids. This step-by-step and easy drawing tutorial will be understandable for all beginners in drawing!

Hello to all the kids and their parents. You’ve probably read fairy tales or watched a cartoon where the main character was a wolf. And often wondered how to draw a wolf step by step, right?

Unfortunately, there are few clear lessons for children on the Internet. Our team decided to fix this and specially prepared for you an easy lesson on how to draw a wolf. We have created a very simple material so that every kid can draw a wolf without any problems. Let’s follow the instructions and you will succeed. So, let’s start to draw a wolf.

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Wolf for Kids

  1. Draw the base of the head.

    We draw the head, in shape close to an oval. The figure should be slightly “dented” on top.
    Draw a Wolf for Kids

  2. Draw the body of the wolf.

    Near the head, in the center, draw an oval.
    Drawing Wolf for Kids

  3. Draw the ears and nose.

    So that our top can hear us, draw two small triangles with slightly curved sides. And on the left, right on the face itself, draw an inverted triangle. This will be the spout. With the help of it, he will be able to smell odors.
    Learn how to draw a wolf for kids

  4. Draw the eyes and neck.

    The space between the head and body needs to be filled. We draw two parallel lines that will be the neck of our predator. Now we draw the eyes. Next to the ears, draw two small circles, and in the center are bold circles.
    How to draw a wolf easy

  5. Draw teeth and legs.

    Draw a bent line next to the nose, and a dash on the right. At the bottom of this line, we draw two small triangle shaped teeth.
    At the bottom of the body, you need to draw 4 legs. We take the shape of the paws as an oval, with slightly elongated limbs (as in our picture).
    drawing lesson wolf for kids

  6. Draw the tail.

    There should be a tail at the end of our torso. The tail may resemble a flame. After all these steps, erase unnecessary lines.
    Wolf for Kids drawing tutorial

  7. Color the drawing.

    The teeth and eyes will remain white (black pupils). The body of the wolf can be done in a classic gray, and the nose can be pink. But you can turn on your imagination and come up with something else!
    How to Draw a Wolf For Kids Tutorial

Done! If you followed all our directions, then you should have a funny wolf. It wasn’t difficult, was it?
If you liked drawing a wolf, then share your skills with friends and family. And let them also settle such a wolf in their home.

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