How to Draw a Bentley Car

In this drawing tutorial from, you will learn how to draw a Bentley car. The lesson is very easy and suitable for beginners!

how to draw a bentley
how to draw a bentley step by step

Do you want to know how to draw a Bentley car? Here you will learn how to do it, and we will help you with this. You have probably seen a huge number of car drawing lessons on the Internet, but you have seen a lot of complicated guides that did not help you in any way. Let’s take a look at the Bentley sketching instructions together.

Bentley is a popular British car brand that primarily makes luxury cars. For the guide, we used the Bentley Flying Spur which is a four-door luxury car. We divided the entire instruction into eight steps, each of which will very understandable show you which line to draw. Also on our, you can draw an SUV from a BMW, an Alfa Romeo sports car, or a classic sedan from Audi, but besides that, we still have a lot of instructions for other cars and other categories.

Scroll down to see all the steps and the entire guide. Have a nice drawing and have a great day, friends!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Bentley Car

  1. Draw a basic shape.

    As always, the first step is to draw the basic shape of the car, in this case, the Bentley Flying Spur shape sketch tutorial

  2. The shape of the windows and wheels.

    So, the shape of the car has already been drawn, now you need to draw the round shapes of the Bentley wheels and the car windows, which are drawn simply by rims sketch

  3. Headlamps and doors.

    Now you need to draw the body parts that are on each car. These are round Bentley-style headlights, and then you need to draw the lines for the doors of your Bentley to sketch bentley car

  4. Details of the front of the Bentley.

    Let’s illustrate further detail your drawing with parts of the machine. Draw the radiator and then the lines for the car drawing sketch

  5. Draw the bumper.

    Take a close look at the bumper shown in our example. Try to repeat these lines in the same way in your sketch.british-sports-car-drawing

  6. Depict rims outlines.

    Let’s start this step with the headlights. First detail the headlights, then draw lines on the body that will make the sketch more realistic. The last step is to depict round rims headlights drawing

  7. Draw the rims.

    The last step in drawing the car is the details shown in this step in the example and drawing the rims of your Bentley Flying Spur sketch.easy luxury car drawing

  8. Add shadows and hatch.

    Our congratulations! You have drawn a Bentley Flying Spur and are on the home stretch at the end of your sketch. Repeat the shadows shown in the example. Or you can just paint the art in the color you like to draw bentley easy

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