How to Draw a Bear for Kids

Learn how to draw a bear for kids step by step with this simply guide. This cute bear really wants you to draw him!

How to Draw a Bear for Kids
How to Draw a Bear for Kids step by step

Hi guys! The artists of the team have prepared for you a simple lesson on how to draw a bear for kids step by step. In this bear drawing guide, we tried to make all the elements as simple and understandable as possible for artists of all levels. Therefore, even young artists can easily draw a bear, the main thing is to follow our recommendations and steps.

The bear belongs to the genus of carnivorous mammals. Bears can reach 3 meters in height and weigh up to 800 kg. Despite their large size, bears are good at swimming, running fast, and even swimming. Most bears live in Eurasia, North, and South America. Bears are almost omnivorous, they feed on berries to fish.

Let’s move on to the bear drawing tutorial now. Prepare your favorite pencils, a piece of paper, and your desire to draw, we are here!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Bear for Kids

  1. Draw the bear head.

    Draw the circle in the middle of the sheet—this will be the outline of the bear’s head. Sketch slowly, do not shake your hand, so that you get a beautiful head.
    Draw a Bear for Kids

  2. Draw the torso.

    To attach the legs, we first need to draw the torso of our clubfoot. To do this, we need to draw the oval-shaped torso at the bottom of the head.
    Drawing Bear for Kids

  3. Draw a pattern on the face and belly.

    It is necessary to make a blank for the mouth, so draw a semicircle at the bottom of the head.
    Now we need to draw the belly for the bear. Draw the similar semicircle, but more elongated.
    Learn how to draw a Bear for kids

  4. Draw the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

    First, draw the ears. To do this, draw two small ovals at the top, on the sides.
    Then we make eyes. In the middle of the face, not far from each other, draw black small circles.
    Now we need to draw how our animal will breathe and eat. Draw an oval nose in the pattern we drew in the previous step (3). Draw the vertical line down from the nose and draw the smile in an arc.
    Drawing Simple Bear

  5. Draw the paws.

    Draw the simple arms and legs of your bear using the example from the step.Drawing Bear easy

  6. Color the bear.

    To complete the process of drawing a bear, you need to color it. To color your cartoon bear, use shades of brown.
    How to Draw a Simple Bear

This concludes our lesson on how to draw a bear for beginners. If you like it, you can share your drawing of a bear on social networks for everyone to admire.

You can also check out our other drawing tutorials. All the best!

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