How to Draw a Basketball Hoop

Learn how to draw a basketball hoop easy enough for kids and beginners, start a draw with this instruction. Step by step backboard drawing guide.

How to Draw an Easy Basketball Hoop
How to Draw a Basketball Hoop Step by Step

Hello everyone, dear artists! In this instruction, in 8 simple steps, you can learn how to draw a basketball hoop easily for artists of all skill levels. This team sport is a very popular game all over the world, and is especially popular in North America. There are also many great teams in Europe or South America, but soccer is the more popular game in the countries of these regions. What game do you like more? Write your opinion below in the comments.

But first, a little about the origins and history of this legendary team sport. The word basketball is obviously an English word that combines two important elements of this game at once—a basket and a ball. These 2 words describe the whole point of this wonderful sports game. Basketball has also been included in the Olympic Games since 1936, but the main basketball tournament can be called the NBA, where the top basketball players traditionally play.

In this instruction below, you will understand the art of sketching a backboard and a basket hoop. The illustrations and descriptions for each step will help you with this. Enjoy the process!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Basketball Hoop

  1. Draw the hoop.

    The hoop will be a kind of base around which you will draw the rest of the details. To depict it, draw 2 circles, while 1 of them should be inside the other and, accordingly, be smaller.Hoop Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add details.

    Now add two parts to the hoop with which the ring is attached to the backboard.Basket-Hoop-Drawing-Tutorial

  3. Backboard center.

    Now add a square piece of the backboard that sits directly above the hoop. It is necessary for the players for a more accurate and successful throw. To show it behind the ring, draw a rectangle, the sides of which will taper to the left in perspective. Since the drawing has a perspective due to the lateral position of the object.How to Sketch a Basketball Hoop

  4. Draw the shape.

    Now you need to depict the basic large shape of the backboard. To do this, sketch a rounded rectangle, keeping in mind the previously mentioned linear perspective.Basket Hoop Drawing

  5. Add details.

    Now you need to draw the inner lines on the basketball backboard.How to Draw a Basketball Backboard

  6. Add the basic volume.

    Draw additional lines to make the basketball backboard look more realistic.How to Draw a Backboard

  7. Add the pole and net.

    Detail the basket backboard by adding the pole part as shown. In addition to the pole, you also need to add the net of the basket hoop.Backboard Drawing Tutorial

  8. Color your art project.

    Your amazing depiction is ready, and now you need to color your illustration. Before coloring, you can trace the outlines of the pencil sketch with a marker or ink pen.Basketball Hoop Drawing Tutorial

Excellent! We hope that we helped you create a cool artwork of sports equipment that you can share with your friends. And you can also share this simple instruction with your friends on social networks, and we advise you to sketch this board with friends together! Thank you for being with us, and we will be glad to see you again.

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