How to Draw a Backpack

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a backpack. This is a simple guide for beginners and anyone who wants to draw this subject.

Draw a Backpack Step by Step
How to Draw a Backpack Step by Step

Welcome to another drawing lesson from! In this guide, you will learn how to draw a backpack quickly and easily. Backpacks are probably one of the most comfortable and ergonomic things in which you can carry things with you, be it equipment, laptop, clothes, or even food. Also, backpacks are a common attribute among schoolchildren and students who use them to carry school supplies. The history of backpacks goes back to antiquity because a backpack similar to a modern one was found in the Alps. This backpack consisted of leather and wood, and various objects were carried in it when people wandered.

Nowadays, backpacks are no longer a symbol of travel and sports, because now they are an indispensable accessory that is worn by thousands of people around the world. This accessory became very popular in the late 80s of the last century. At first, this accessory was most often worn by rockers, punks, and various subcultures. A little later, the popularity of the backpack acquired new dimensions, and this was strongly influenced by sports and a healthy lifestyle. And this accessory, as a rule, is very convenient for an active lifestyle, for example, for hiking and forest trekking. And there are a lot of types of backpacks, they are made of many materials and different designs, so for every taste, there is the one that you like the most. By the way, write by the way in the comments at the very bottom under the manual whether you are lovers of this accessory or not.

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Backpack

  1. Draw the outer pocket.

    Let’s start drawing the backpack from the outer pocket. Draw the outline of this part following the example from step. This detail will guide you when drawing the rest of the backpack. Backpack Easy Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the bottom part.

    So, you drew the middle, now draw the outline of the bottom of the backpack.Back pack Sketch Tutorial

  3. Draw the top part.

    Finishing the process of drawing the shape of the backpack, and in this step, you need to draw the upper part of the backpack. Try to keep the proportions in mind so that the top is longer than the bottom.Easy Backpack Draw Tutorial

  4. First part of the top handle.

    Now draw the first part of the upper handle, for this, you need to mark exactly the middle of the upper part and draw two parallel parts of the handle there.How to Draw Backpack Tutorial

  5. Second parts of the handles.

    Now connect the top handle of the bookpack by connecting it using a horizontal double line. After that sketch the shoulder straps for the backpack.Backpack how to Sketch

  6. Draw the details of the backpack.

    Draw the shoulder straps of the bookpack to the end, and also draw the lines of the backpack pockets.Drawing Tutorial Backpack

  7. Small details.

    Following the example in step, draw the rest of the small details that will make your sketch more realistic.Backpack How to Draw Easy

  8. Color the artwork.

    You are almost done drawing the bookpack, and all you have to do is color your work with your favorite coloring tools. You can also use alternative colors for coloring.How to Draw a Backpack

The backpack has transformed from an amorphous bag into a product with clear proportions and lines.
For the comfort of the back, a dense (and in some models – orthopedic) back has appeared.
Straight straps transformed into S-shaped straps and stopped slipping off the shoulders.
The appearance of a chest strap contributes to a tight fit of the backpack, prevents the center of gravity from shifting during running and walking.
The variety of designs allows you to choose a backpack to suit your style. Now it is not just a means for carrying cargo, but a spectacular accessory with which you can broadcast your unique style to the world.

Fabrics and accessories are durable and practical.
With the help of a handle, the backpack is convenient to carry from place to place.
Pockets and compartments are now adapted for any need: they can accommodate a laptop, a bottle for water, keys, a smartphone, shoes, glasses, etc.
Reflective elements increase safety in the dark.

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