How to Draw a 3D Lightning Bolt

Learn how to draw a 3D lightning bolt step by step with us! Use the instructions to draw lightning with ease.

Lightning Bolt Easy Drawing
How to Draw a 3D Lightning Bolt Step by Step

Welcome! Today, we will acquaint ourselves with the amazing phenomenon of nature—lightning bolts. This breathtaking phenomenon, full of mysteries and mystique, has always captivated the attention of both artists and everyone else. In our drawing lesson, we will attempt to capture the power and beauty of lightning on paper, using shapes to create a three-dimensional drawing. Learn how to easily draw a 3D lightning bolt.

A lightning strike is a bright, fleeting flash caused by an electrical discharge between clouds. In the first second of its appearance, lightning can reach speeds of up to 100 million kilometers per hour, originating from celestial bodies. When the electrostatic field accumulates enough energy, a discharge occurs, accompanied by a loud rumble known as thunder. Do you get scared of thunder’s sounds, or do you enjoy them?

Common depictions of lightning often show them as bright beams or zigzags cutting through the sky. However, lightning can have different shapes and colors depending on the surrounding conditions and the path of the electrical discharge.

As you can see in the example, in this guide, you will learn how to create a three-dimensional lightning drawing in a cartoon style. We hope you will excel at the task and create a beautiful artwork!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a 3D Lightning Bolt

  1. Draw the triangle.

    Start by drawing the triangle in an upside-down position. Draw this shape in a slightly tilted position.How to Draw a Lightning Bolt 3D

  2. Add the bottom.

    Now draw the bottom part of the lightning using zigzag lines as shown in the example.Lightning Bolt Drawing Tutorial

  3. Add the big shape.

    To add dimension to the drawing, add the right side of the top part of the lightning, as shown. You need to draw one slanted line from the top corner, then draw another line going down towards the center of the shape.Lightning Bolt Drawing 3D

  4. Add details.

    Following the example from the previous step, add the additional small shape.3D Lightning Bolt Sketch

  5. Final touch.

     Now add the three-dimensional effect to the pointed bottom part of the lightning.Lightning Bolt 3D Drawing

  6. Color the drawing.

    Take your favorite coloring tools and color your drawing. To maintain the three-dimensional effect, color the front part in a brighter color and the sides in a darker shade, as shown in the example.3D Lightning Bolt Drawing

Feel free to experiment and find your own unique drawing style. We are sure that your work will impress and inspire not only you, but also all those who see your work and want to try their hand at drawing.

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