How to Draw a Lightning Bolt

Here you will learn how to draw a lightning bolt step by step! Let’s start the drawing process, for this you need to scroll down and start following the instructions.

Lightning Bolt Drawing
How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step by Step

Let’s start drawing a lightning together! In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a lightning bolt very easily, even for beginner artists.

Lightning is an electrical discharge that got its name thanks to the impressive light effect that occurs when it appears. Lightning occurs when the air between two clouds or between a cloud and the ground is charged with an electrostatic charge of too much force.

Under the influence of electric fields, charges begin to move so fast that in the blink of an eye, an electrical discharge runs through the air between the positive and negative clouds or between the cloud and the ground, creating a dazzling light effect that we call lightning or a lightning strike!

Also, when a lightning strike occurs, we hear a very loud sound—this is due to the shockwave that occurs when the air, heated by the electric current, expands.

The process of drawing lightning is very simple, as we need to draw a cartoonish lightning using straight lines. Let’s start this exciting process!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt

  1. Draw the diagonal.

    Begin by drawing the diagonal line for the top of the lightning.Draw a Lightning Bolt

  2. Add the horizontal line.

    Add the next detail using the horizontal line.Lightning Bolt Drawing Tutorial

  3. Add the bottom line.

    Following the example from the step, depict the bottom diagonal line.Lightning Bolt Drawing Easy

  4. Finalize the Lightning Bolt shape.

    Now, to complete the shape of the lightning bolt, you need to draw the second edge. Draw it with a zigzag line as shown in the example. The bottom of the lightning should be pointed.Easy to Draw Lightning Bolt

  5. Color the Lightning Bolt.

    Grab your favorite coloring tools and add color to your thunderbolt drawing! You can color your lightning bolt drawing bright yellow or light blue.How to Draw a Lightning Bolt

You have completed drawing the lightning strike! Congratulations! To create such a drawing, basic drawing skills and attention to detail are required. Practice and experimentation will help you improve and achieve new results in drawing. Try your hand at drawing animals or cars!

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