How to Draw Zeus

Learn how to draw Zeus easy enough for beginners, start a sketch great looking Zeus with this tutorial. Learning to draw is easier if you do it with us!

Zeus Drawing Step by Step
How to Draw Zeus Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Zeus using a step-by-step sketching guide from! Zeus is the main god of the ancient Greek pantheon of gods, the main features of which are dominion over the world of gods, people, and everything that surrounds humanity. In addition to Zeus, there were other gods in the Greek pantheon, but it was Zeus who was considered the dominant character in ancient Greek life. Most often, Zeus is portrayed as a very noble god with the ability to control thunder, lightning, and other phenomena. On our site, you can try to draw another god of thunder, who was one of the main characters in Norse mythology, but his image was also used in Marvel Comics. As you probably already understood, the name of this god is Thor.

Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Zeus

  1. Start by head shape.

    You need to start drawing process with a sketch of the shape of the head.Head Outline

  2. Guidelines.

    Sketch the guidelines on the face.Zeus Sketch

  3. Eye contours.

    Using the guidelines, draw the outlines of Zeus’ eyes between them.Zeus Face Guidelines

  4. Draw the eyebrows.

    Draw the furrowed brows of the thunder god.Zeus Brows Drawing

  5. Pupils of the eyes.

    Draw the pupils in the outlines that you drew earlier.Zeus Eyes Drawing

  6. Draw the nose.

    Now draw the nose using a vertical line as a guideline.Zeus Nose Drawing

  7. Draw the beard.

    Draw Zeus’ large and wavy beard shape and the lines of his mouth.Zeus Beard Drawing

  8. Hair line.

    Now draw a detailed hairline in the forehead area and also draw the correct face shape. Zeus Face Drawing

  9. Draw the hair.

    Draw wavy hair on Zeus’s head, and also erase unnecessary guidelines.Zeus Hair Drawing

  10. Add the Laurel wreath.

    Draw the laurel wreath on Zeus’s head. Laurel wreaths are a frequent attribute in the appearance of many Greek characters, gods, and people. In order to draw a wreath, you first need to draw one line, and sketch laurel leaves on the sides of this line.Zeus Head Drawing

  11. Sketch out the outlines.

    Moving on to drawing the body of Zeus, and first, you need to sketch out an approximate look of his torso.Zeus Drawing Step 11

  12. Torso lines.

    Now, using the guidelines, sketch out Zeus’s torso in more detail.Zeus Drawing Step 12

  13. Draw the arms.

    Draw Zeus’s powerful arms, as well as his metal bracelets that are worn around his forearms. And also you can already erase the guidelines of the torso.Zeus Drawing Step 13

  14. Draw the fists of Zeus.

    Draw the fists of Zeus using the example.Zeus Drawing Step 14

  15. Draw Zeus’s chiton.

    Now draw a robe, typical of Ancient Greece, called a chiton (khiton).Zeus Drawing Step 15

  16. Details.

    Sketch various folds on Zeus’s robe that will add more detail to your artwork. And also sketch ancient Greek patterns on Zeus’s bracelets. You can see an example of these elements in step.Zeus Drawing Guide

  17. Draw the legs.

    Draw the legs of Zeus, as well as the Greek sandals.How to Draw Zeus God

  18. Line in hand.

    In the hand of Zeus, you will need to draw a scepter, so first draw a guiding baseline for the scepter.Zeus Drawing Tutorial

  19. Draw the scepter.

    Draw the lightning-shaped scepter in Zeus’s hand.How to Draw Zeus Realistic

  20. Trace the sketch.

    Use an ink pen to trace the outline of Zeus. In addition to a pen, you can do this with a marker or paint and a thin brush.How to Draw Zeus Easy

  21. Color your artwork.

    Color the Zeus artwork with your favorite coloring supplies, and be glad you made such a beautiful drawing!How to Draw Zeus

Our team hopes you enjoyed this instruction! Write your opinion in the comments, and also share your artwork with your friends. In addition, you can share this guide with your friends and sketch Zeus together! We were glad to see you, friends!

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