How to Draw Venom Face

If you want to draw Venom head, then this is the best place to start! Scroll down below for a step-by-step collage and instructions.

How to Draw Venom Face
How to Draw Venom Face Step by Step

In this simple step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Venom face. Venom is a popular anti-hero from the Marvel universe, and one of Spider-Man’s worst enemies. The character first appeared in 1988, and during this time became a very significant character in the Spider-Man comics, and he also appeared in the Spider-Man films, and in the solo film Venom, which was released in 2018. The role of Venom in this film was played by the popular actor Tom Hardy.

Time needed: 55 minutes

How to Draw Venom Face

  1. Draw the circle guideline.

    First, you need to sketch the outline of the top of the Venom’s head. This will be a circle-shaped guideline that will help you sketch out the character’s face. Easy Sketch Venom Head

  2. The contour of the jaw.

    Sketch the guidelines in the shape of the Venom jaw. The chin is so long because in this drawing we are sketching a Venom with an open mouth.Sketch Head Venom

  3. Draw the eyes of Venom.

    Draw large Venom eyes with a wavy top of the eye.How to Draw Venom for Beginners

  4. Draw the line for the mouth.

    Now sketch out the shape of Venom’s open mouth.How to Draw the Venom

  5. Upper teeth drawing.

    Moving on to the most important part of Venom’s face, to his sharp teeth. Draw the upper teeth of the Venom, departing slightly from the mouth line that you drew in the previous step. This needs to be done to depict the teeth along with the character’s gum.Angry Venom Sketch

  6. Draw the Venom tongue.

    Draw Venom’s long tongue, which, like the teeth, is part of his classic creepy look.Venom Head Sketch

  7. Erase the extra sketch lines.

    Erase the excess sketch guidelines to move on to the next steps and drawing details.How to Sketch Venom

  8. Lower teeth.

    Draw the bottom sharp teeth of the Venom.Venom Drawing Step by Step

  9. Erase the excess and check the sketch.

    Erase all unnecessary lines again and correct any mistakes, if any.Venom Easy Draw

  10. Draw the shoulders and neck.

    Sketch the upper torso if you want your sketch to look like a bust. If you just want to draw a separate head, then you can skip this upper torso of the character.Venom head how to draw

  11. Trace the outline.

    Trace the outline with a fountain pen, marker, or small brush with black paint. If you are a fan of comics, you probably noticed that comics are always drawn this way. First, a pencil sketch is drawn, and then all the contours of the drawing are traced with ink.Venom Drawing Tutorial

  12. Color the Venom.

    Now paint the Venom head. You can color it black, dark gray, or dark blue.How to Draw Venom

Congratulations! You have just learned how to create a beautiful and expressive portrait of one of the main enemies of Spider-Man—Venom. Your Venom turned out so exciting that it could be used as a comic book cover or wall poster!

We hope this tutorial has helped you develop your creativity and added new skills and knowledge to your artist arsenal. Don’t forget to keep practicing and drawing other characters to develop your skills even further. Thank you for using our tutorial, and we wish you continued success in your artistic development!


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