How to Draw the Sun for Kids

In our drawing tutorial for kids, you will learn how to draw a cartoon sun. Make it easy and fast by starting drawing the sun with us!

How to Draw the Sun Easy for Kids
How to Draw Sun for Kids

In this easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw the sun for kids. We say: The sun came out! Immediately a smile appears and the mood rises, something warm and dear is felt. The sun gives life to everything around, to plants, animals, people.

Most adults and children choose the sun as one of the first among the ideas of what to draw. Usually, children sketch a house, paint the sun and flowers, a car, and a family. You can find most of these drawing ideas on our website in step-by-step instructions.

Kids from an early age try to draw the sun, even if the circle is not entirely even and the rays are strangely arranged, but they draw what they sincerely want, and this is the most important thing! Draw often, and with pleasure, and we will help you with this by making more drawing lessons, which will be useful for those who want to learn to draw using step-by-step guides!

Let’s draw a sun together and paint it with bright colors! Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw the Sun for Kids

  1. Outlining the sun.

    Start by drawing the circle with simple broken lines so that you can easily erase them if you start to form an oval. When the sketch lines look like a circle, trace a clear sketch of the circle. You can ask mom to draw an even circle, but we advise you to try to draw yourself to improve your skills.Cartoon Sun Drawing for Kids

  2. Draw the smile.

    A smile can be drawn in different ways: a wide smile with a thin line, or a smile with a single curved line. Choose the one that is more pleasant for you. We suggest making a smile that looks like a semicircle. Draw a line, then start at one end and draw a semicircle to the other.How to Draw a Cartoon Sun

  3. Draw the eyes and eyebrows.

    Select the location of the eyes, mark the size with strokes. We draw horizontal lines for each eye, then arcs above them, semicircular lines. Don’t forget to draw the eye pupils. Draw round dots exactly in the center of the eyes. The eyes are drawn, proceeding to the eyebrows. Draw small, curved lines above each eye. If you wish, you can sketch out small eyelashes.How to Draw a Cute Sun

  4. Draw the sun’s rays.

    There are important elements left to make the sun. We draw many rays located at the same symmetrical distance from each other. Our rays are small ovals. You can start at the top and draw each next to the right or left of the middle. You can draw first from above, then from below, then to the right and to the left, then the rest.How to Draw a Smiling Sun

  5. Color the sun.

    You can color the sun as we do: the circle and the rays are yellow, the smile can be painted red or pink, but the eyes are not painted over. You can paint the sun orange or red like at dawn, add ruddy cheeks or give color to your eyes and make them blue or green or brown.How to Draw the Sun for Kids

The artwork of the sun is ready! May it please you on a cloudy day! We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to sketch a sun step by step. You can share with your friends your drawing art on social networks and even arrange joint sketching of step-by-step drawings!

Surround yourself with enjoyable activities and friends.

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