How to Draw the Earth for Kids

Are you looking for a drawing idea for drawing the Earth? Great, because here you will learn how to draw the Earth easily enough even for kids and beginners!

How to Draw the Earth for Kids
How to Draw the Earth Step by Step

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new drawing lesson on how to draw the Earth for kids. Planet Earth is an integral part of the vast solar system and the largest of the existing terrestrial planets. According to one of the existing hypotheses, the Earth arose from dust and dirt, which, in turn, were the remnants of the formation of the Sun.

Interestingly, our planet appeared about 4.567 billion years ago, that is, a very long time ago. It is on Earth that there are conditions favorable for human life: light, heat, water, oxygen, and others. How to draw the planet Earth in stages? The answer to the question is contained in the step-by-step instruction below. Drawing the Earth won’t take long, but the process itself will captivate you and hone your artist skills.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw the Earth for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the planet.

    The shape of the Earth is close to an oblate ellipsoid, but you can also draw a circular shape.
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  2. Draw North America and Cuba.

    At the top of the circle, draw a curved line to represent one of the continents, North America. Draw a small, uneven oval near the large ledge to form the outline of the island of Cuba.
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  3. Draw South America.

    From the southern part of North America, start drawing the next continent, South America.
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  4. Draw Europe and the UK.

    In the other part of the hemisphere, you need to draw Europe and the UK. To do this, draw a curved line with three protrusions pointing in different directions. Draw an oval between them—this is how the island of Britain will look like.
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  5. Draw Africa and Antarctica.

    Below the previous continent, use a curved line to draw the large-scale continent of Africa. Note that the ledge at the bottom needs to be slightly pointed. The penguin habitat—Antarctica—is the last detail of our drawing. Draw a small, wavy line at the bottom of the planet.
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  6. Color the drawing Earth.

    Color in your Earth drawing as shown.
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Practice with us and our drawing lessons, because they are made for this! Draw more often to improve your artist skills.

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