How to Draw the DeLorean

We invite you to easy step-by-step sketching of the car from the movie Back to the Future! Learn how to draw DeLorean in a tutorial from the team.

how to draw the DeLorean
how to draw the delorean step by step

Greetings friends! In this drawing lesson, we will teach show you how to draw the DeLorean. You guessed it, this car was in the movie “Back to the Future” and it was there that the brand became famous for the fact that the car acted as a time machine.

Before proceeding to the step-by-step drawing lesson DeLorean, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this model of the car. The DeLorean is an American-made sports car that was produced from 1981 to 1983. After a long pause, the production of the car resumed, but under orders. Despite its sporty appearance, the top speed of this model is only 177 km / h. Modern sports cars, for example, Lamborghini can accelerate to 350 km / h in just a matter of seconds. Which car would you choose? Write in the comments!

Now let’s start drawing the DeLorean.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw the DeLorean

  1. Draw the basic outline.

    In the first step, we need to start by drawing the base outline of DeLorean.
    car contour sketch

  2. Draw the wheel arches.

    Draw semicircles, which are the wheel arches of the car. Try to calculate the distances from the back and front so that the arches are symmetrical on the sketch. Also, draw the lines shown in blue in this step.

  3. Draw the molding and front details.

    Draw the DeLorean side moldings with the lines, draw neatly and evenly, and the front molding that connects to the side molding. Also, draw lines on the front of the car following the example from the step.
    back to the future delorean drawing

  4. Draw DeLorean windows.

    Start this step by drawing the windshield of the car, then draw the middle window and the rearview mirror on it. The last one to draw is the rearmost window.
    delorean back to the future drawing

  5. Draw a door.

    Begin this step with the line at the bottom, this is the car sill line. This will make it easier for you to understand at what height to draw the door. After that sketch out the lines of the door, as well as the rest of the details of the door, including the handle.
    back to the future drawing art

  6. Radiator and headlights.

    Begin striding at the line that separates the car’s hood from the side fender. Then draw the headlights first, then draw the car’s radiator grille. Also, paint the rest of the details shown in this step in blue.
    back to the future car draw

  7. Draw the wheels of the car.

    First draw a large circle of the wheel, after that draw the outline of the rims in the wheel that you drew earlier.
    how to draw the delorean from back to the future

  8. Draw the rims of the car.

    This car in our sketch has classic spoke wheels that are pretty easy to draw. First, sketch out the middle hub round part. After that, in turn, step by step, draw the spokes of the rims with from back to the future draw

  9. Add shadows.

    The sketch is close to completion, you need to add shadows and hatches to the sketch in the areas shown in blue in the example.
    how to sketch DeLorean DMC-12

  10. The sketch is ready!

    Congratulations! You painted DeLorean, but if you don’t like the classic sketch, you can add paint to your drawing and color it like a coloring book using your favorite coloring tools.
    how to draw the delorean easy

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