How to Draw the American Flag

If you want to learn how to draw an American flag, then this is the best place to learn! Start drawing the United States flag with us!

How to Draw the American Flag
How to Draw the American Flag Step by Step

Welcome to the site dedicated to step-by-step and easy drawing guides. This is a tutorial on how to draw the American flag, and we hope we can help you in your desire to draw a flag. This is probably the most popular and recognizable flag on earth, do you agree with this assumption? Write your opinion in the comments at the very bottom, scrolling to the end of the tutorial. The year 1776 is considered the official beginning of the proclamation of the US flag, it was at this time that the descendants of the colonists from Europe decided that they were already a separate nation and had the right to have their own flag, their own history, and also have the right to their independence. For many years, the battle for the independence of the United States from the UK was going on, and this long-awaited moment came in 1783, and the Americans became independent from Great Britain. If you are an American and are reading this manual on Independence Day, then we sincerely congratulate you on this great holiday! But keep in mind and do not forget that the flag of our own was not yet on July 4, 1776, because the state was new, and the flag familiar to us did not yet exist. But in June 1777, the Americans passed a law that spoke of the national flag. This flag did not look quite the way we know it today, because the first flag had 13 red and white stripes, and the blue color had an unusual number of stars, there were 13 of them. All these stars were the symbol of every state that was part of the United States in those years, the list of these states included North Carolina, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, South Carolina, Maryland, and Massachusetts. What state are you from? Write your state in the comments, we are very interested in where our dear readers come from!

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw the American Flag

  1. Draw the rectangle.

    The first step is to draw the rectangular shape of the flag, because the US flag is rectangular, and the real proportion of the flag is 10:19. Try to keep the proportions so that the rectangle looks natural and correct.USA Flag Drawing Easy

  2. Draw the background of the stars.

    As we already know, the US flag consists essentially of two rectangles, a large and a small one, which is located at the top left. It is he who needs to be depicted in this step, following the example from the step that is shown in blue.How to Drawing American Flag

  3. The first part of the stripes.

    The drawing of the rectangle is complete, now we need to draw the first part of the stripes, which are shown in the example. Try to keep all the proportions and distances between the lines.American Flag Drawing Tutorial Easy

  4. The second part of the stripes.

    The first part of the stripes is ready, so now draw the continuation of the stripes that will complete the process of illustrating all the lines on the flag. Considering that more stripes were drawn on top in the previous step, in this step, start sketching the next lines from top to bottom.Drawing American Flag

  5. Draw the stars.

    A crucial step, because you need to depict all the stars that are in this part of the sketch. Try to depict all the stars so neatly that the distances between the stars do not get too far apart, or so that they do not get too close to each other. Proportions are very important because this is a flag. If you draw on any device and want to do it even faster, then just draw one star, and for the rest, just copy and paste in the areas in which each new star should be located.American Flag Easy Drawing Tutorial

  6. Flagpole.

    Flags are usually and as always hung on large flagpoles so that they can be seen from everywhere, in our sketch it is also depicted on a long flagpole. It is him that you will need to portray. You can use a ruler to do this, but we recommend hand-drawing all the details as it will help you develop your sketching skills.US Flag How to Draw

  7. Details of the flagpole.

    You have already depicted the stick of the flagpole, now draw the details that are shown in blue in this step. You can also add shadows using pencil hatching.US Flag Sketch

  8. Color your drawing.

    Your artwork is almost ready, you have already drawn all the details if you are at this step. If so, then now you need to color your artwork with your favorite coloring supplies. In the example, you can see what colors you need to use to paint the USA flag.How to Draw a American Flag

We hope you enjoyed this USA flag drawing lesson and gained new knowledge and skills in creating a drawing project of this symbol of American freedom.

Thank you for using our tutorial, and we wish you the best in your creative journey! Don’t forget to share your creations with your friends and let them enjoy your talent.

See you in our lessons!

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