How to Draw Squidward for Kids

Learn how to draw Squidward for kids quickly and easily with our drawing lesson! Start drawing SpongeBob characters using our guides.

How to Draw Squidward for Kids
How to Draw Squidward step by step

Hi friends! Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? Of course, of course, of course SpongeBob and his friends. We will draw one of his friends, namely in this lesson we will teach how to draw a Squidward for kids step by step. Drawing Squidward is easy, since all parts of his body are round, so you can draw freely, and you don’t have to draw lines.

Squidward is one of the main characters in the famous animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants”. Squidward Tentacles is a grumpy and eternally sulky octopus who lives next door to SpongeBob and Patrick. In addition to the fact that he lives next door to SpongeBob, he also works as a cashier in the same institution as Bob. In addition to pessimism and gloom, Squidward is also remembered for caustic, often witty thoughts and remarks.

Time needed: 20 minutes

  1. Start by drawing the eyes.

    Squidward has big eyes, so draw two circles that are close to each other.
    Learn How to Draw Squidward for Kids

  2. Draw the head of Squidward.

    Our character always has a serious and sullen face, so the eyes should be made the same. Next, draw the small oval for the top of the character’s head. Make sure that the drawn eyes remain at the bottom.
    Simple Drawing Squidward

  3. Draw the nose.

    The character has a very large nose, so draw it in the shape of a large, elongated oval. As we said, Squidward is always displeased and sullen, which is why he has wrinkles on his forehead. To depict wrinkles, draw some free-form lines on the forehead.
    Easy Squidward Drawing

  4. Draw the mouth.

    First, sketch out the lower part of the face. To do this, draw two parallel vertical lines at the nose. Then draw the horizontal oval across the long nose, inside which the mouth line runs.
    How to Draw Squidward Easy

  5. Start drawing the torso.

    From the tip of the nose, depict the thin neck and draw the T-shirt at the bottom.
    Draw Squidward

  6. Draw the lower tentacles.

    Squidward has long lower tentacles. First, draw the small semicircle that will be the pelvic part. Extend two long tentacles from it. Draw the two ends of the tentacles below, as shown in our drawing.
    Drawing Squidward

  7. Draw the rest of the lower tentacles.

    In the same way, depict the back tentacles, which are barely visible.
    Squidward Easy Drawing Tutorial

  8. Draw the upper tentacles.

    On the sides of the torso, draw two upper tentacles in the same way as in the previous steps. But in this case, the tentacles are bent and located on the sides of the body.
    How to Draw Squidward from SpongeBob

  9. Color the drawing.

    Color the character’s torso itself in blue with a greenish tint. Shade the T-shirt in orange, and the eyes in a delicate yellowish tint. You can also depict the shadow on the back tentacles with darker shades.
    Cartoon Squidward Drawing

In today’s drawing lesson, you have been introduced to an interesting drawing topic and created a unique drawing of Squidward. But do not forget that the world of art is not limited to drawing. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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