How to Draw Spider-Man Step by Step

Today, we will learn how to draw Spider-Man step by step. This character has long won the hearts of many fans of comics and cinema, and now you can create your own drawing of this hero.

How to Draw Siderman Easy
How to Draw Spiderman Step by Step

Hello! Here you will learn how to draw Spider-Man step by step and very easy even for those who have never held a pencil in their hand!

Spider-Man is the most popular character from Marvel Comics, a fighter against injustice and a member of some superhero teams, including a member of the popular Avengers team.

At the age of fifteen, schoolboy Peter Parker realizes that after meeting with a radioactive spider, he has developed truly extraordinary abilities: the ability to climb walls, great strength and a sharp spider sense that allows him to predict danger. And so began the difficult path of the super popular hero of comics and Marvel films.

Interesting fact: Spider-Man was conceived in the process of observing a fly moving along the office walls. Stan Lee, publisher and editor, saw in a small insect the prototype of a character that is sure to be remembered by everyone. Drawing this Spider-Man is not at all difficult and exciting. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Spider-Man Step by Step

  1. Form the head.

    Begin by drawing an oval shape for the character’s head.Spiderman head drawing

  2. Detail the mask.

    Draw characteristic lines on the superhero mask. Also draw the shapes of Spider-Man’s eyes.How to Draw Spiderman Face

  3. Add more details.

    Detail the eyes and mask by adding the following part as shown in the example.Spiderman Face Drawing

  4. Add the torso.

    Draw a simple square-shaped torso for Spidey and also draw the shape of the character’s legs.Spiderman Drawing

  5. Add the neck and arms.

    From under the head, extend two parallel lines and connect the torso to the Spider’s head. Also sketch the character’s arms in the same way as shown in the example.Spider Man Drawing Guide

  6. Parts of the suit.

    Spider-Man’s suit is divided into two colors – blue and red. You now need to divide the upper part of the suit by adding the necessary lines, as in the example.Simple Spiderman Drawing Tutorial

  7. Draw the logo.

    Draw on Spider-Man’s chest his symbol – a small spider. Also depict the fingers in the same way as shown.How to Draw Spiderman for Beginners

  8. Bottom details.

    Divide the top of the suit and the bottom by adding a dividing line. In addition, draw the character’s shoes by simply adding a straight line to each foot.How to Draw Spiderman simple

  9. Color your Spidey.

    Use blue and red colors to color your superhero. Before coloring, trace the outlines of the pencil drawing using a fountain pen or marker.
    How to Draw Spider Man

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