How to Draw Siren Head

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Siren Head. Below you will find a step-by-step collage and steps with instructions.

Siren Head Game
How to Draw Siren Head Step by Step

Welcome to the drawing tutorial, in which you will see how to draw Siren Head Monster!

Siren Head is a fantasy creature that was created by Trevor Henderson and has become popular with games that have featured these monsters.

Siren Head are a tall, thin and silent monster, which has two huge loud-speaking sirens instead of a head. Siren Head has become a popular character on the internet for his creepy appearance and ability to produce sound effects that make people fearful and anxious. Siren Head appears frequently in various video games, stories, and fan art. We invite you to create your own Siren Head fan art using our easy drawing tutorial!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Siren Head

  1. Draw the outline of the mouth.

    You need to start by drawing the circular outline of Siren Head’s mouth.Siren Head Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add the neck, teeth, and head.

    Following the example from the step, draw the teeth of your monster and also form the elongated head.Siren Head Game Step by Step Drawing

  3. Draw the second siren and chest.

    As you know, this character has a double head. It is the second part of his siren head that you need to draw. Then, following the example from the step, draw the bony chest.Siren Head Game Drawing

  4. Draw the shoulders.

    Now you need to draw the shoulders and upper arms of your character.Siren Head Drawing for Kids

  5. Sketch the arms.

    Following the example from the step, draw the forearm of your monster.Siren Head Easy Drawing

  6. Draw the hands.

    Sketch the four-fingered hands of your monster.Siren Head Drawing Simple

  7. Draw the torso.

    Form the lower part of your monster’s torso by drawing the pelvis, stomach, and thighs.Siren Head Drawing Easy

  8. Add the legs.

    Form the lower part of the leg by drawing the Siren Head’s shin.Step by Step Siren Head Drawing

  9. Add the feet.

    To finish sketching your monster, add the feet, as in the example.How to Draw a Siren Head

  10. Color your Siren Head drawing.

    Now let’s move on to the coloring process. Use watercolor paints, crayons, colored pencils, or any of your favorite coloring tools to add color to your Siren Head drawing.Siren Head Drawing

With this drawing guide, you have learned how to create a unique and scary look with easy steps.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and created your Siren Head Monster!

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