How to Draw Sheriff Woody

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw Sheriff Woody from Toy Story with us and our easy drawing guide!

How to Draw Woody from Toy Story
How to Draw Woody Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. Woody is the protagonist of the Toy Story cartoon series, but besides him, the main character of the cartoon is Buzz Lightyear. As a character, Woody is valued among viewers and has a large fan base among viewers of this animated series.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Sheriff Woody

  1. Draw the hat.

    First, draw the Sheriff’s cowboy hat.Woody Hat Drawing

  2. Outline of the head.

    Now, under the sketched hat, draw the outline of the head.Woody Sketch Step 2

  3. Draw the hair.

    Now you need to draw Woody’s hair.How to Draw Woody from Toy Story Easy

  4. Outlining the eyes.

    Sketch out the facial guidelines and after that draw the circular outlines of the Sheriff’s eyes.

  5. Sketch the eyebrows.

    Now sketch Woody’s eyebrows just above the to draw woody for kids

  6. Nose and pupils.

    Draw large cartoon pupils as well as Woody’s toy nose.woody toy story drawing step 6

  7. Sketch the smile.

    Now draw Woody’s wide grinning mouth.woody toy story drawing step 7

  8. Add teeth and tongue.

    Using the example from step, sketch out the teeth and tongue.Woody Toy Story Drawing Step 8

  9. Basic body lines.

    Sketch the basic guidelines for the body. Sketch the lines you want by marking all the joints of the character with circles. With these basic guidelines, you can better understand how to draw the movement of the character’s body.woody toy story drawing easy

  10. The contour of the torso.

    Now sketch out the outline of Woody’s upper body using thin lines.Sheriff Woody Drawing

  11. Detail the torso.

    Now sketch out Sheriff Woody’s shirt, vest, scarf, and belt.Toy Story Sheriff Drawing

  12. Draw the sleeves.

    Draw the sleeves of Sheriff Woody’s shirt.Woody Drawing from Toy Story

  13. Draw the legs.

    Draw Woody’s legs, and also detail his jeans, as shown in the example.Woody sketch

  14. Sketch the hands.

    Draw the hands and fingers of the to draw woody toy story

  15. Draw the boots.

    Draw Woody’s boots in detail, and also draw cowboy spurs on the back of the to draw woody easy

  16. Trace your sketch.

    Trace the outlines of your sketch with a marker, black paintbrush, or ink. This is done to make the drawing clearer and more expressive, just like in cartoons or comics.woody drawing

  17. Color your Sheriff Woody drawing.

    Now all that remains is to color your artwork with your favorite coloring accessories, for example, pencils, felt-tip pens or paint.How to Draw Sheriff Woody from Toy Story

Great job! You have just learned how to create a beautiful and expressive image of Sheriff Woody from Toy Story.

In this lesson, we used various drawing techniques and techniques to make our drawing as realistic as possible. We hope this lesson has helped you develop your drawing potential and added new skills and knowledge to your arsenal as an artist. Thank you for using our tutorial, and we wish you continued success in your artistic development!

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