How to Draw Sans

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw Sans from Undertale! Draw your favorite character step by step with us.

Sans Drawing Step by Step
How to Draw Sans Step by Step

We greet you! Today we will dive into the amazing world of drawing and create a portrait of one of the most popular characters in the gaming industry—Sans! Learn how to draw this character step by step.

Sans is a mysterious and charismatic character from the Undertale game. He has a unique appearance and unique style. Our task is to recreate it on paper and convey all its individuality on paper!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your imagination run wild. Remember that every artist has their own style, so feel free to give Sans’s portrait your own uniqueness and creative personality!

I’m sure your drawing talent will help you create an amazing portrait of Sans. Get ready for a fun and creative journey! Let’s get started and dive into this incredible world of art!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Sans from Undertale

  1. Outline the head.

    Start by drawing the outlines of the head and face. Begin with a semicircle for the top of the head, then add a slightly wider bottom part. Then, add the contours of the eyes and mouth.Sans Head Drawing Outline

  2. Add facial features.

    Add details to Sans’ face by drawing the pupils, nose, and eyebrows.Sans Head Drawing

  3. More details. 

    Use straight lines to draw Sans smile, including his teeth. Then, add the collar using two oval shapes.How to Draw Sans Head

  4. Draw the torso.

    Extend two curved lines from either side of the head to form Sans’ torso. Also, add jacket details as shown in the example.How to Draw Undertale Sans

  5. Detail the jacket.

    Draw rectangular pockets on the jacket and add zipper lines.Sans Drawing Easy

  6. Draw the shorts and arms.

    Using curved lines, draw your character’s arms following the example from the step. Then, draw Sans shorts directly below the torso.How to Draw Sans from Undertale Easy

  7. Detail the legs.

    Draw slightly visible legs below the shorts and add additional lines on the shorts.Step by Step Sans Drawing

  8. Outline the footwear.

    Draw Sans’ shoes following the example from the step.Sans Drawing Tutorial

  9. Add details.

    Add details to the footwear by including sole and tip lines.How to Draw Sans Easy

  10. Color your character.

    Following the color palette from the example, color your Sans using your favorite coloring tools.How to Draw Sans from Undertale

Drawing Sans from Undertale is a great drawing idea! You’ve already shown your talent and creativity, and we sure your Sans will look amazing!

We hope that your Sans turned out great! You have created a great artwork of this charismatic character. Your style and details give it personality and life. You showed your creative side and the ability to experiment! We are waiting for you at other drawing lessons!

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