How to Draw Pyramids for Kids

Learn how to draw pyramids for kids step by step with this easy drawing tutorial for beginners, schoolers, and kindergarteners.

How to Draw an Egyptian Pyramid
How to Draw Pyramids Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw pyramids for kids and also simple geometric shapes. This is a very useful skill that develops spatial thinking and helps in the future to draw more complex objects thanks to the skills acquired. There are many tutorials on how to draw different shapes and regular geometric shapes, and in this instruction, we will look at one of them. The triangle pyramid you’ll learn here is the simplest of all the variations of this 3D shape.

The lesson consists of 6 steps, following which you can draw two whole pyramids. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Pyramids

  1. Draw the triangle shape.

    The triangle should turn out to be slightly tilted, so you need to first sketch out the bottom horizontal line, the right edge of which is slightly raised. After that, draw the left part and notice that it is slightly shorter than the second, that is, its slope is less. After that, draw a right segment by connecting the first two.How to Draw a Pyramid Easy

  2. Second triangle.

    Similar to the first step, draw a second triangle right after the first, as shown in the sample.How to Draw the Egyptian Pyramids

  3. Lateral line.

    Draw the side face of the second pyramid, which creates the volumetric shape of the pyramid.Pyramid Drawing Tutorial

  4. Add the line.

    Similar to the previous step, draw a line at the first pyramid. Try to draw this line so that it is parallel to the right to draw a 3d pyramid

  5. The last line.

    Now draw a line for the bottom edge of the pyramid.pyramid how to draw

  6. Color the drawing.

    Color the drawing using your coloring supplies. Paint the front parts of the pyramids in a darker color, and the left parts in a lighter color. These details will add a more three-dimensional look to the drawing.How to Draw Pyramids

Your drawing of ancient buildings is complete! Congratulations! We wish you to try to draw more often to improve your skills as an artist. We create easy step-by-step guides for beginners, so you can start your artist path with us!

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