How to Draw Pizza for Kids

Learn how to draw a pizza for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolers and preschoolers.

How to Draw Pizza for Kids
How to Draw Pizza for Kids Step by Step

Hi guys! Surely each of you loves to eat deliciously, especially fast foods, such as pizza. That is why we have prepared a step-by-step drawing tutorial on how to draw pizza for kids. This is not just a drawing guide to pizza, but we will also introduce you to this food a little bit.

Pizza is a favorite dish for many people, which comes from sunny Italy. Classic pizza consists of dough, tomato paste, and cheese. But now you can find various types and with any filling at will, which can be absolutely from anything. Pizza comes with meat, cheese, vegetables, seafood, and even sweet toppings such as Hawaiian pineapple pizza.

We suggest drawing a slice of pizza. Such a piece consists of straight lines and some small filling elements. You can draw such a composition very quickly and easily. Below is a step-by-step tutorial to follow while drawing a pizza. Follow all the rules and then it will be great to draw such an appetizing and beautiful dish.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw Pizza for Kids

  1. Draw the base of the future pizza.

    First, draw a large triangle to represent the shape of the pizza slice itself.
    Draw Pizza

  2. Draw the pieces of sausage.

    It’s time to draw the filling of the future pizza. Draw some small circles to represent the sliced sausage.
    Drawing Cartoon Pizza

  3. Add more filling.

    Draw many small circles around the perimeter of the pizza to indicate additional pieces of topping.
    Drawing Pizza for Kids

  4. Draw a line for the pizza crust.

    Draw a pizza slice crust on the edge. To do this, mark a slightly rounded line. Make the edges rounded and also extend the line to the tip of the pizza for the back.
    Pizza Easy Drawing Tutorial

  5. Complete the pizza crust shape.

    In order to make the shape of the crust more realistic, it is necessary to outline a rounded line at the edge.
    Simple Drawing Pizza

  6. Color the pizza.

    The dough should be painted in a very light yellowish color. The crust needs to be made a little darker and marked with orange color. The pieces of sausage should be painted dark pink.
    Drawing pizza easy

Done! Such a delicious and attractive dish is now very beautifully drawn. Congratulations on your new drawing! We hope that drawing the pizza was fun and easy. Keep developing your skills and learn to draw more and more shapes and elements based on our instructions. Check out our other instructions for kids as well and draw other things. We wish you every success!

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