How to Draw Pennywise

Welcome to the drawing lesson of one of the most popular clowns from IT. Learn how to draw Pennywise step by step with this instructional drawing lesson.

Pennywise Drawing for Beginners
How to Draw Pennywise Step by Step

Welcome to the Pennywise drawing lesson! If you love horror and are seeking an artistic challenge, you’ve come to the right place. Pennywise is a famous and menacing character that has become an iconic part of pop culture. Here, you will learn how to draw Pennywise step by step!

Pennywise first appeared in Stephen King’s novel and later became the central character in the film “IT”. This haunting figure captivates attention with its unforgettable appearance and eerie face. The embodiment of evil and fear, Pennywise makes hearts race and creates an atmosphere of unease wherever it appears!

Throughout this lesson, we will guide you step by step on how to draw Pennywise and capture its recognizable features. You will be able to transfer its distinctive traits onto paper and create a stunning piece of artwork full of mystery and horror.

So grab your pencils and get ready to bring this terrifying and captivating figure to life on your paper. Let’s go, and may art conquer fear!

Time needed: 28 minutes

How to Draw Pennywise

  1. Outline the head.

    Start by drawing the outline of Pennywise’s head. Begin with the top, then add the bottom part. Then draw the eye contours as shown in the example.Pennywise Drawing Head

  2. Add details.

    Add details to your clown’s face by drawing the nose, pupils, and eyebrows.Pennywise Face Drawing

  3. Add the bang.

    Draw the bang at the center top of the head of Pennywise, then draw small ears using semicircular shapes.Clown Drawing Pennywise

  4. Draw the hair.

    Depict the hair using curved lines. Then draw characteristic lines on the clown’s face.Clown from IT Drawing

  5. Add details.

    Now you need to draw the clown’s lips and collar. Draw the collar using wavy lines.Pennywise Head Drawing

  6. Draw the torso.

    Below the head of your Pennywise, sketch the torso as shown in the example. Then add the round balloon right next to the head.Pennywise Clown Drawing

  7. Add body details.

    Draw the shorts of your Pennywise, then depict the hands. Pennywise Drawing Easy

  8. Draw the legs.

    Now you need to draw the legs of your clown. Then connect the shoulders and hands with straight lines. Complete the step by adding the string of the balloon.How to Draw Pennywise Easy

  9. Add footwear.

    Draw Pennywise’s boots by following the example from the step.How to Draw Pennywise Clown

  10. Color your drawing. 

    Trace the sketch if you drew it with a pencil. Then simply color your drawing using your favorite coloring materials.Pennywise Drawing

In the conclusion of our Pennywise drawing lesson, you have learned to recreate the recognizable appearance of this menacing clown. Step by step, you have explored how to draw its head, face, hair, and added additional details to enhance the sense of horror and mystery.

Furthermore, drawing is not only about creating images, but also a way to express your emotions and ideas. Your ability to convey fear, mystique, and horror through every line and image is remarkable. Continue to develop your artistic skills, and you will reach new heights in your drawing journey.

Thank you for participating in our Pennywise drawing lesson! We hope that this lesson has helped you nurture your creative side and inspired you to create unique and wonderfully eerie pieces of art. Keep drawing, and may your artistic endeavors leave a lasting impact in the world of art!

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